WhaT did I do?!?!

So I did a presentation in San Francisco a few weeks ago... I just remember it being kinda crazy... they posted the video but I haven't seen it yet because I'm in Berlin right now and the hotel interwebs connection is really slow... So that means YOU can be the first to see it and let me know if I went to far into the THIRD DIMENSION

Oh yeh heres an interview I did at the same event


  1. Hello MDot, nice to hear you are in town! The videos are great, your presentation is so funny and fantastic and inspiring. And your responses to the interview questions are also refreshingly honest, down to earth and even something other than inspiring, kind of like that jab to the ribs... (oh gawd, linear editing! I remember them tapes and the two vcr setup...you are so darn right, it is just too easy nowadays....)
    I'm hoping to grab a ticket for your presentation in Berlin, if they aren't all sold out yet!

  2. Im only 4 minutes in, and this has already exponentially increased my respect for you...

  3. You did a great job for both the presentation and the interview! It's exciting and inspiring to hear you speak to people who aren't already fans. And I really liked hearing more about where you came from too. Self taught and self inspired in the way to go! I can't wait for your next works.

  4. *laughing*
    Dude, That was AWESOME!!!
    I laughed lots. Yeah dude. This is just... WOW.

    I get stage fright trying to do a report or acting in front of my class.

    I was having a crummy day. This really boosted my inspiration level.

  5. LMAO at the presentation - Quality entertainment Mike! it even surpassed the motivational can Crushing/problem solving extravaganza at DIY DAYS!

    I'm also glad that the Germans have seen the good sense in allowing you back after last year XD

    Have fun in Berlin d00d!

  6. Great presentation - you are so cutting edge that when I watched it my eyes began to bleed... LOL -
    Have Fun in Berlin and come home soon!

  7. Tasks:
    Must see


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