DESIGNED to waste your time.

So like if you know that sites like myspace and facebook get paid by advertisers based on the amount of time its users spend on the site... you realize that they goal is to waste your time...and they are really good at it... they want you sitting on they site all day everyday clicking on meaningless shit cause its making them money... and like a bad breakup where the other person needs you more than you need them things get emotional and desperate.... click on the pic so see what it says...

Isn't that creepy?!? So they have some script that runs when you try to delete your account that seeks out photos that has tags on it with you and one of your "friends" then it shows you that page and says they will "miss you" Isn't that fucked up?!?! Sorry bookface ex-time waster I'm outta here!

As with all these new "must have" or "must join" sites and services like Twitter etc... You have to really step back and look at how they will benefit you... cause otherwise they are getting paid to waste your time...the sites hype each other and hype themselves in a never ending cycle of people talking about awesome things are meanwhile what great things are they creating besides a lot of... as Ice Cube said it on his new album....

"Nigga be quiet ain't shit private, everything for sail u can buy it
All this self snitchin', all this self tellin' muthafuckas going back to the watermelon"

Everybody wants to have over 9000 friends....everybody wants to be "Famous" and "popular" OR do they just believe that because the corpwhorate system has convinced them so? So they will spend all they time on aforementioned sites trying to do whatever song and dance or...PhotoshawtiNG img's to gain said "fame" and attention? Why are we all in such a hurry to let the whole world know what we are doing everywhere all the time other then because we want corporations monetizing our private lives? Oh whats that? Everybody is in such a hurry they dont have time to think about things like that...sorry for asking ^ ^

Filmmaking is a GRIND... as is life I've found... all these fast paced boxes and pages of hype are bullshiT. Except now you can procrastinate much easier than before! WOW! What a breakthrougH!!! IN ten years no one will be doing anything except letting everyone else know what they are not doing its going to be greaT! haha


  1. haha my girlfriend just deactivated her Facebook account and she got that same page. It was so Facebook is trying to keep you in its cult of the undead or something...

  2. I'm all for having technology create meaningful communication between people and no doubt there is a lot yet to be achived in this regard...


    Anything worthwhile has to be grass-roots and personal. I want to see the entire media become completely de-centralized.

    Fuck the zeitgeist! - it's boring as hell and fuck Facebook too - it makes me want to projectile-vomit!

    Rant over!


  3. Yeah... I still have your poke on FB. I guess I will have to wait until your return. All I know is that I have to agree with you on how counter productive it is and with d_p.. it IS a cult. The cult of lack of personality.

  4. One man's waste is another one's treasure as they say...

    An article from "Milenio" magazine in Latin America has reported about criminal use of social networks. They spoke with kidnappers who are using social networks to find potential victims for nabbing. Seems like Corporations ain't the only ones profiting from this self-exposure... The kidnappers could see the faces, cars and homes of possible victims and find out where they live and who are their friends and family....One teenager in Mexico was kidnapped with this strategy (was eventually murdered). When the family realized how much sensitive information their son had left online, they contacted Facebook to close the account... Turns out that part of the contract Facebook users "sign", gives them the right to keep your page alive post mortem, for posthumous conmemoration of the deceased (nothing new about making money from the dead is there?). Once you actually close the account, they retain any pictures, info or other uploaded materials for a certain amount of time... just in case you want to reopen your account one day... saves you the trouble of doing it al over again, how thoughtful of them!


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