A different "reality"

I was sitting eating breakfast here in Ireland overlooking the river Shannon a few minutes ago... Some overhanging trees were reflected in the water... it got me thinking about the "reality" I am creating with HSM and just overall at the worlds I create...

I'm not interested in portraying reality as it is... I'm more interested in how it is reflected in the water... the reflection is always undulating and changing slightly... To me its much more beautiful and exciting because of the constant change and it can quickly be transformed into something totally different but it always returns to its original base form... If the glimmering reflected form is the reality I create the ripples in the water are caused by emotion... because that is my guide when I am creating anything... some times the emotion is so strong is temporarily destroys the image and causes chaos before eventually returning to its original shape... just think about what strong emotional reactions do to your life... turning it upside down or temporarily blinding you, preventing you from seeing the big picture or original form... but it always returns to its original form albeit with slight differences just like the surface of water... its never the same...

So until recently while working on HSM all of my aesthetic decisions were based purely on instinct...but now I am beginning to understand the method behind meh madness ^ ^ SO I will be able to explain it... I started writing a treatise on it last year and it should be finished when HSM is done.

Artwork by ini... She's helping me with HSM too so like yeh thanks ini! ^ ^

Thats my reflectioN.


  1. Ini's art is awesome. this makes me more happy then i already was

  2. HEY MDot,
    I'm probably stupid and have not researched correctly but I'll ask anyways, When is teh next time you shall be doing a radio show???

    Your the best,


  3. Coming up toward the end of college (exams:/), so missed the stuff about you coming to Ireland.
    Unfortunate, it would have been cool to head down to Limerick or see if we could get you to do a talk up in one of the colleges in Dublin.
    Ha, maybe they will get you another year.

    All the best,
    (michaelmathewsart on youtube)


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