Flip the script

As I'm sitting here reading the book "Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire" that a nice d00d from Uruguay recommended I read a random thought popped into my head...

We all know what the academy awards are jah? Well have you ever looked into what a feature film has to do to qualify for one? Long story short the film needs a theatrical release in the US and it has to play for a certain amount of time... So that locks out internet filmmakers like myself... Now up until recently film studios looked down at internet releases and they were hesitant to do them... they had to let people like me test the water first ^ ^

But anyway I want to make up some new awards and the only way a film qualifies is if it is released in its entirety online for FREE within a year of its completion ^ ^ So this would lock out all backward thinking studio films and highlight forward thinking true independent films...

Another note... With HSM I will list the "Country of Production" as "Teh Internets" as I am not really like other Americans at all and my country does not support what I do at all... SO I am no longer an American filmmaker I am an Internet Filmmaker...interested parties please take note of this change. If you feel at odds with your country of residence please list "Teh Internets" as your country of production... Teh Internets... we wiN.


  1. Haaha...its international territory, like Geneva...:P

    So what, are your awards gonna be a part of FHTA? Or is that dead in the water?

  2. I never really had much to do with FHTA besides the initial discussions which were about something totally different than it ended up being... I'm just throwing the idea out there... but yeh something like Geneva... Or more like Genosha ^ ^


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