Multidimensional MAYNE

Its funny from time to time I'll post some music or something online and peoples will message me asking if i am "still working on HSM" or "if I will be a rapper now" haha... Well I guess from most peoples understanding a person can only do one thing "professionally" maybe thats right because I do like 9000 things UNprofessionally ^ ^ But just so you don't worry that I'm not working on the film.... I've always done everything all at once... I pretty much just do what I feel like doing from day to day... The film is my priority but if I feel like making music I'll do that...if I feel like chatting with weirdo's online I'll do that...if feel like making a short film or music video I do that....or I might do all those things at once... but I never "stop" because its all part of the same thing... art is a conversation and I use several different forms of media to express myself... but I am always communicating the same thing no matter the media type...

Oh yeh next week I will be in Limerick, Ireland for the Fresh Film Festival where I'll be doing animation workshops for kids aged 9-18... So if your going to be around there and like want to meet up contact me... then after that I'll be thuggin it up in Scandinavia for 2 weeks to work on some top secret HSM related thangs AND I'll still be working on HSM during all that ^ ^ Trust me I can multitask!

And oh yeh I have a new band for live performances... Its called "The Church of Strange" we do our first show in June....


  1. a new band?Cool!

    But ya man what ever works for you then do it!

    Sorry I doubted your movie making progressionl progress and stuff. D:

  2. Dude, featured one of your tunes on Cyberpunk radio (#115) "Will you be my PayPal".


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