One man army filmmaking causes MPD?!!?

I guess one of the most difficult things to do when working on a film alone is to seamlessly switch hats without letting one job affect the other....So these days I'm constantly switching back and forth from Director to modeler/art director and then to Producer to end the day...

So I start the work day by sketching in my sketchbook...scenes and ideas.. then I look at the work list and make notes as to what I want to try... and then I act out some scenes in my head over coffee... then...

I turn on the computer and become modeler/art director... I look at my work list and model and texture things... I'm only thinking about how it looks...I don't even really care too much about poly count or scene optimization cause some other personality can do that later... So I push my computers hard for hours then stop...

Then I turn into the Producer... I look at the list of things I need to buy before production...Plugins, hard drives and maybe a new Mainboard+Proc+ram (HOPE NOT) but yeh so I think about time and money... Look at the schedule and budget time...So right now as producer I'm worried about time and money...but when I start my next work day I need to get that all out of my head so I can be Director guy again...

Sometimes I turn into music guy and it throws my routine off...and other times I actually... like... talk to other people in real life.... but I try to avoid them unless they have time machines or money to give me ^ ^ Producer says bye.


  1. Missouri Police Deparment?!?!YOU A COP!?!?

    NAh just kidding I under stand.
    Sounds like your have a mega big schedule.

    Hang in there.

    oh and GET BACK TO WORK X(

    uh...sorry I was so harsh....Some crazy movie guy told me too tell you that... :o

  2. It sounds like you have a very busy schedule!

    At least you are the sole owner of the content you produce. It must be a very rewarding experience to see an entire product from start to finish.

    Good luck.

    Boston digital imaging


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