They just actorS.

So a few days ago I modeled and textured THE main character of "Heart String Marionette" to those of you who thought I was talking about High School Musical all this time...

Ya know being into video games, manga and anime can make you a bit skewed when it comes to designing your main character... you approach it as if he/she has to be the most amazing looking like hero/anti-hero ever... at least I do... Working with real substances with WATS severely limited the complexity of my hero..Rain... as I made him out of sculpey, latex and wire... BUT in the end it was better that I focused on what his character did... rather than how he looked... How many games/films/whatever have you seen with an awesome looking hero with a cape flowing in the wind and like all that and he's like flipping around pwning everyone with amazing weapons or whatever and then he stops and like you dont care... less is more... For a good contrast watch the ridiculousness that are the hero's in the Matrix 3 then watch "For a few dollars more" Just like in real life... its not what you say... its what you don't say... and if your hero is too "super" it makes it boring cause everyone knows they'll just like fly away and shit if they really in danger...

But whatever...

So now the danger on HSM is that I got pretty good at Zbrush so I COULD create a super detailed main character with like flowing cloth and all that... and trick him out forever... So what did I do? He's got no cape... no hat... no fancy weapons... he's pretty much something I could make in real life with the same tools I used to make Rain...

And to tell you the truth I WAS NERVOUS when I was making my hands were shaking! I put so much pressure on myself for this main character haha I was all nervous and scared as if the whole film depended on him to just look WIN and make the whole film or something haha

So yeh I made him and got over that... because this is where I need to think like a DIRECTOR and not a craftsman... the characters...the actors are just a means to an end... If the success or failure of my film depends on what the actors look like or how much they fly around and shoot shit then I have already failed.... lest I forget that my horribly drawn animatic brings tears to my eyes and makes me pump my fists in pure win when I watch it ^ ^ Thats where it is... not in the polygons that make up the characters... its in the script...its in the storyboards..its in the animatic....thats the heart of the film and thats where it counts...

So if your having problems worrying about what your film looks or sounds like... just make sure it has a good heart and stop worrying about that other shit cause its going to be ok.


  1. why did i think HSM stood for 'Hella samurai movie' all this time..?

  2. lol High school musical....I HATE THAT MOVIE D:<

    Your HSM willl probably beat their HSM any day!

    Sounds like your main character is gonna be like awesome!

    Kinda reminds me of the Shadow of colossus game..
    THe whole game was hugh but at the same time it was really simplistic in design.

    Check it out if your ever lookin for a new game to play.

  3. Hey, thanks for that post, really needed that speech, since I'm doing the acting of my movie myself :O

    Have you got any idea how horrible THAT is? :P Also the question if people judge the movie based on your looks.

    But it's going to be real-life-stopmo 'The Gloaming' style, prolly really difficult to pull of and I only have two weeks (EEK)


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