This blog is iT.

Due to increasing pressure in my personal life whilst working on the film I will need to stop all my online social activity EXCEPT this blog. So much like while working on WATS this will be the only place to get any info about the film I am making. I have to do this so I am able to remain sane and not fail epicLY as it were.

Speaking of epic and not fail 0_0 I have my new "Str8nime".... that is to say I have developed the new animation style that HSM will be made in....

Making a film... especially alone is a constant struggle... its constantly demanding... more and more time and energy... and just when you think things are going smoothly...BOOM hardware problem... BOOM software problem... BOOM BOOM... and then when you bring living humans into the equation 0_o

Now I'm not asking for mercy but just know that most all of the outside world doesn't really care about your film until its done so you have to be the energy reactor for it all... and since we humans are selfish creatures at our core people around you may consciously or unconsciously be throwing wrenches into your machine in an attempt to gain what ever it is they demand from you. The grabbing hands grab all that can... and you have to say HEY these aren't feeding fucking fingers! These are hands used to craft films NOT soothe the ills of your human soul no matter how sickly or sweet it may be. Now you may be thinking because you are interested in my films that people around me would respect me as an artist and not grab at me for whatever it may be that they demand whilst I'm making a film... but I am no special case... I have to deal with the same things... its times like this I realize that all the matters is WHATS ON THE SCREEN... You make the film or you don't... Its great or its garbage... AND if you let yourself be sabotaged by those grabbing hands it means nothing to them....they won't care or feel any responsibility they will simply move on and grab onto something or someone else that makes them feel whatever it is they seek. So you must step around these personal matters and keep moving on your path towards making the best film you can.

I feel that the audience is more important than me...more important than my individual wants...I will kill myself to create greatness for you...and I will do it over and over as long as I am alive.... and if anyone steps in between me and my audience they must step aside... or be destroyed.... My life is up on the screen in my films... not in the bar, or bedroom or chat or whatever... Its on the screen and thats where I want to be.


  1. I'm right there with you Mike, both regarding this and your idea of listing a films country of origin as 'teh internets'.

    Life has forced me to constantly re-evaluate my plans for my feature film and i'm now having to make 'Static' with much less resources than I originally thought I would have. It doesn't bother me in the slightest tho' as I realise that you can achive far more with less (you proved that beyond all doubt d00d!!!).

    All the best,

    Weird-OH Adam (who is currently going great-guns on his film)

  2. DP ^ ^

    Y0 Adam good to hear your hard at work... yeh man when our resources our waning and doors are being slammed in our faces... and when the film we imagined wont be able to be realized in the way we originally thought... its time like that when we have to remember that our ideas are the important thing...and your idea and your story didn't change just the way that they are executed has changed... There comes a point when working on a film when we realize its not the PERFECT version we imagined...but at these times I say "Its not perfect, but its mine" and that realization helps me keep going...maybe it will help you too.

  3. I noticed you vanished off of facebook and thought I may have pissed you off in one of my overly emotional / drunk / tired rants.

    Regardless, I wish you the best on the work. I am here for whatever you need. Need bodies? Here. Need voices? Here. Need a hug? Here. Need a new computer? ... well, I am not rich.

    But seriously, man. I am going to enjoy the film and if it takes forever, it will be worth it. Pace yourself and you do need to take a moment for yourself here and there.

    I have already turned some of my friends on to your music and films. Some got it, some did not.

    I appreciate your hard work and wish you all the best in your project(s). Thank you.


  4. Hey Jeremy nah d00d its nothing anyone did... it just become a distraction to me and started to detract from the time and energy I spend on the film... I want to make the best possible film I can make for you all so I hope you will understand that the film will be better if I'm just focusing on it... when its done I'll come back to the social networks...Right now I just need to grind....thanks for your comment, help and support.

  5. "I tend to require isolation for my work, and I prefer a peaceful, meditative environment."

    -Shirow Masamume - creator of Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed.


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