When BoreD...get a hobby...or get another one.

So a while back I decided if too many Friday nights went by with me being bored in this town I would start performing my music again... So yeh another boring Friday passes and I has decided to staRT performing live again ^ ^ Working on the film I reach a high level of excitement... then when I go outside to get fresh air and the like the lack of excitement in this city brings me down... so I will have to start doing crazy shows with me doing live electro+rapping+crazy visuals+standup comedy stupid routines... That part of myself is getting too powerful and I have to give him something to do... My friends band keeps they PA in my studio space so I have something to practice with...so odds are when HSM rolls into your town with me ...you can get further mindfucked by seeing my live show ^ ^

And it wouldn't be like some movie person deciding to make music...cause I've been putting out albums since 2000... The new songs I'm working on are "Pwn with a capital P" , "3 the soft way" and "Gay in a 1950's way" to go along with my old ones like "Powerglove Gangsta" and "Will you be my paypaL"


  1. I getting into using film photography as a hobby, using my dad's old SLR. I use digital cameras (DSLR, point and shoot and camcorder) everyday for work purposes only as I can get instant feedback on what I just photographed, but I want to have a crack at photographing in black and white film...

    I dunno, B&W looks awesome for some reason, I really want to reach a new power level in my work and I want to take the more with less approach... Does that make scene??!?!? I hope so

  2. Glad to hear, doing live music is always good. I've been playing a lot recently, got a gig this evening in fact tho it's sunday and doesn't seem to have particularly been promoted in any way so NO idea if a single person will turn up...

  3. My kid and I lurv some Agent 2a03. My daughter, now 6, requests I play Bling Bling SUV and Beepx3 all the time when riding in the car and I'm always happy to oblige.

    I've been hesitant to play your newer stuff for her...lots of sweary w0rds that could corrupt a fragile mind that you've already warped! Rapping about eating ice cream and finding true luv...now that's where it's at! ;-)

  4. dont forget the cycling, hope to see more San Jose Bike Party videos


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