Crowdsourcing = SPIRIT BOMB

In the last few days I've been making some baZAAR connection between abstraction layer theory and filmmaking and the seven major circuits of the brain... but I'll probably save that for my book whenever I get around to that...

BUT I was rewatching old DBZ movies when something hit me... ya know in a lot of those films when everything else fails Goku harnesses energy from every living thing on the planet and uses that to make a "Spirit bomb" to destroy the gigantic unstoppable enemy... and he can only do that because his intentions are true and just... So I was reading about the Pirate Bay trial and how supporters of the Pirate Bay are attacking its opposition... so yeh CROWDSOURCING=SPIRIT BOMB

It will allow an individual or group to defeat enemies or to break through barriers once thought impossible...creative work, computing power, promotion, DOS attacks ^ ^ etc....... but only through working together for a just cause...

So yeh think about that for a biT...its pretty exciting... and remember that people will not lend their power to MONEY HUNGRY FAKE MATERIALISTIC BASTARDS so if you want to use these spirit bombs in the future... be true to yourself, stay down to earth and do your best to do what's best for the whole...

I plan to use many of these Spirit Bombs in the future ^ ^


  1. Lemme be part of this spirit bomb. I'z interested in your animation tutelage.


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