Tutorial RequesTS

I will be creating some new tutorials just because when your modeling or rigging all day making tutorials seems fun...so...

I'm going to be doing them on Cinema 4d, Zbrush, Photoshop, and After Effects... cause thats what I use all day... I guess I could also do ones on Reason and Ableton Live hmmmm....

I've already done some introductory videos for C4d but I might redo those now that Youtube has HD... I'm already planning an intro to Zbrush...

So let me know what you want me to cover in these new tutorials and I will do meh best to get them in.


  1. Well I don't really have any of those programs yet but I'd love to see a lighting tutorial!

  2. Great idea! I'd like to see something in AE on the puppeteering function.

  3. YES!! I second Ricky's motion - AE PLEASE!! I never have enough time to play with it and your tut's are always so much fun!

  4. It would be cool to see how to use Zbrush and c4d together in an effective way.

  5. I too would love to see a puppet tutorial!

  6. Really interested in a good way to make realistic volumetric fire and/or smoke...like ehm... fumefx/afterburn.
    It seems pretty impossible in c4d.
    Thanks for you tutorial on youtube dude. Goodluke.


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