You are simply a machine...nothing more.

Ya know being a "computer animator" er whatever its easy to lose sight of whats really important when making films with computers... you begin to put too much emphasis on the technology...on the system specs etc... Like yeh having a PC with 64gb of ram will make a better film than one wth 8gb?! So yeh I've been guilty of this lately.... tweaking with the system WAY more than I should be... I made WATS with a dual core 2.2ghz PC with 2gb of ram and an old AGP video card...I need to remember this... the tech doesn't matter... the ideas do... So I pledge to move forward with 12gb of ram or 4gb whatever it doesn't matter as long as it doesnt get in my way... HERE I GO! THIS HAND OF MIND SHINES WITH AN AWESOME POWER AND ITS TELLING ME TO DEFEAT YOU!!!!...oh wait thats just carpal tunnel....bye.


  1. Dude keep moving foreward, your mind is the most powerful weapon! I got a little caught up with that too when I saw you had a awesome render farm but I'm going to keep it real with my Mac Book and PC with 2GB of ram.

    I can't wait to see the new film man.

    P.S. I totally like marked out to you on my page.

  2. Appreciate your constantly checking yourself to make sure you are on track. I know the lure of tech, but you are absolutely right: it's all just a tool, the story is what matters. It's what you do best, MDot.

    We are all right behind you. Keep moving forward, brother!

  3. Thanks d00ds! I'm back on it and unless my computers on fire I'm not gonna worry about it...WHATS THAT SMOKE??!!? ^ ^

  4. Yea d00d totally me and Popcorn Man have been talking and came to the same conclusion. Even if we had nothing but a pen and a roll of toliet paper we'd still be using that to make our stuff so in the end the tech is just that, a means to an end.

    Good post, its hard to resist the allure of high end hardware...


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