64 bit 0_0

When making WATS my workstation had 2gb of RAM and my render nodes had 1gb... and I was using 32bit XP so I would get out of memory errors a lot in Cinema 4d when scenes got around 2 million polys... So now I'm using 64bit XP with 64 bit Cinema 4d and my workstation has 12gb of RAM and my render nodes have 8gb... The scene I'm laying out right now has 6 million active polys and tons of spd and it renders fine 0_0

THERE is a pitfall to this though... The scene looked suite with 4 million polys then BECAUSE I COULD I added more things in the scene to push it to 6 mil and it looked worse SO more is not always better ^ ^ I took it out and left the better, simpler version... I can't let me myself get seduced by the tech and start making massive scenes for no reason... I have to remember that the solo feature filmeratOR_ER needs to be light, efficient and FAST...these heavy scenes will just slow things down AND I want this film to be an exercise in minimalism...

The design is very Japanese... instead of beating you over the head with visual mayhem and eye burning rgb values... I'm pushing that stuff to the background and letting the story, the characters, the mega melodramatic dialogue and cryptic narrative take center stage... Yeh I could probably make the craziest, most stylish, visually explosive thing ever BUT styles can easily be copied AND I'm not making a music video or a commercial *cough* even though MANY mainstream films seem like 2 hour commercials or music videos to me *cough*

Theres this song by Peace Division I like and the d00d in the song is talking about dubstep and he's like " I don't need a big buildup and light and smoke and shit... all I need is a good bassline, a snare and a hi hat... all that other shit is just confusion"

If something has no soul... no real substance or depth then it needs that confusion to keeps you entertained, distracted or confused...

I did my best to make sure HSM has depth, substance, heart and soul... so I need not the confusion.... but I'm still gonna make it look crazy as FAWK!!! XD