Balancing the polygon budgeT

When working in 3d you have like a polygon budget... your system can only display a certain number of polygons on screen until it gets all glued up and you want to punch yerself in the face... you can get around this by using Subpolygon displacement to add fine detail at render time BUT this takes up more memory at render time AND adds significantly to render time as its a single threaded process that needs to be calculated every frame 0_0

So sometimes your working a long making stuff and it looks great AND THEN you notice how much memory its taking up or it takes FOREVER to render a frame so you must adapt your approach... and this goes on the whole time... enthusiasm and creativity THEN stifling technical limitations and calculations back and forth back and forth you must grind until all the shit is worked out and you can render a frame in a reasonable amount of time without your PC melting down... So yeh I was tweaking in the same character model for the past 12 hours doing this polygon/render budget thing.... and I'll do it for another 12 tomorrow... Then I'll do it for 50 other characters....SHET I must be a masochist ^ ^


  1. So, how do you balance the amount of polygons you use to save time in rendering? Is there a formula for figuring this kind of thing? And do you use subdivision always for character modeling?

    Love to see some pix if you get the chance.



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