Concept art 2 point Ohhhhhh

So after I finished my layout work for the day I decided to set up one of the characters for animation...just for fun... well after messing with it for a bit I realized the style in which I've been modeling the characters has a FATAL design flaw and they are not usable for animation ... So I will will remodel them all... NOW these things happened for a reason... My original idea for the character design/style got lost amongst computer problems and rushing things... My original idea solves this problem and fits the film so much better soooooo... I will remodel them with my original plan which I should have just not rushed and done in the first place...

So I'm looking at the current models as Concept Art 2.0... I'll keep a couple but %90 will be redone... So yeh sometimes these things happen and you just have to look at the upside... at no point did I say "OH NO I HAVE TO DO THEM ALL OVER??! BOOHOOO!!!" I said to myself "Whatever, I'll do them over and they will be SO much better than before"

This I will dO and the film will be better because of it... I'm actually glad it happened because I know I can do better with the models...and now I get my chance.


  1. Dude - I love your attitude.

  2. What exactly was wrong with them? And if that ever happened to me i would weep for at least 3 years.

  3. Way to think positive bro. You can rebuild them... faster, better, stronger.


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