Exciting times for independent media MakeRRRs Thanks Youtube!

As I've been working on the new feature film sometimes I stop and go WAIT how am I going to make enough money from this thing to make another film?! Because right now I make almost all my money from DVD sales... thanks to FIlmBaby the DVD sales have funded this new film BUT as we all know DVD's are slowly fading away AND after learning about all the costs involved with making physical discs and getting reamed to make them available through retail I don't know how much I want to do that again... OR if I'll be able too....

We all know downloads are teh future....

The holy grail for me like me seemed to be to get your movie sold in the Itunes movie store...we all waited but it never happened and the other download options were cumbersome OR on some site no one visited... So yeh just last week I was kinda bummed out thinking about the lack of options...


Youtube emailed me saying I had been approved for the new download program which I applied for months ago and forgot about... NOW as you can see in the graphic you are able to set any price you want and the type of license... I THINK THIS IS PURE WIN!!!! People can still watch them all for free and if they want to download them as an ipod/zune/mobile compatible film they can for super cheap... I think this is that way of the future!

I turned the download on for We are the Strange and left it at the default .99 price... Now I proB don't get all .99 as google needs they cut BUT imagine if I set it to make a dollar per download and if only %2 of viewers bought a download that would be $14,000...that the budget for my current film!! haha... Thats %2 of the english version which has 770,000 views... with all the languages its like 1.3 million... push that up to %5 of viewers download and thats pretty great!

I think that this is the trickle income that the longtail needed.... I've been able to do ad's on my videos for awhile but I don't get enough views to make significant income that way even though it did deliver %10 of the new films budget

So yeh I'm really excited about this as youtube has given us something we desperately needed... I don't care about Itunes anymore... Youtube has always been there for me... if it wasn't for youtube no one would have seen my film and I wouldn't be able to have the life I have now making this new film with total freedom and with all you WIN people as my new media friends ^ ^

So thanks to youtube and thanks to YOU... I plan to use the download options to trickle in enough income to pay for my NEXT film after HSM...

And oh yeh if anyone is all fancy wiF the CC licenses please tell meh... If I want people to be able to remix my stuff but not sell it commercially which license option should I choose? So I want them to be able to recut the videos and do anything they want with them as long as they dont try to resell the stuff...


  1. that's really exciting!
    im really inspired by your determination and i really love that you understand that times are changing

  2. Whoa...thats super awesome d00d! Keep gettin enough purchases, you'll never have to worry about budgeting again!

  3. That's stupidly good news...just think of the benefits that it'll provide...especially as you can provide the file in HD (which you said you wanted to)...

    It was always gonna be YouTube that gave you the best deal first, I imagine iTunes are better for music.

    Still, will there be a physical release of HSM? Cos the WATS DVD is so sexy, perhaps the sexiest DVD I own...

    Exciting times! Exciting times!

  4. SWEET! Youtube for the WInz!

    The word verification thing made me type "homicarp"! Now I want to draw a Gansta Magikarp XD

  5. Might want to check out NIN's. they released Ghosts I-IV under a CC license Afterwards The Slip was released for free (don't know about the license though) with access to the original multitrack files.

    CC License type for NIN's GhostRemix NIN

  6. You're probably looking at an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence (The same one I release all my music under), or just a Attribution-Noncommercial.

    The only difference is that the share alike requires people to also release their remixes under the same licence.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I think it is wonderful that movie makers can make money from their actual movies, instead of having to spend extra time working on the peripherals.


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