The home for solo animated feature films?

Ya know I used to visit the Terrence Walker's site to keep up on tools and techniques for solo animators doing longer form projects but he quit blogging years back and now I'm wondering where would a person go to get information about how to create cg animated feature films alone...

I know two other d00ds who have made or are finishing up animated feature films alone... Jeff Lew wif his notorious KIller Bean and Dave4096 and his forthcoming "Archon Defender" Oh yeh I forgot about my paL John Bergin and his "From inside"

Are there any other people out there doing solo 3d animated feature films? I know the mega hardcore Bill Plympton has been kicking out solo 2d features for years...he's amazing.... but yeh any other 3d people out there doing features?

The reason I'm asking is that I think to help others do the same.... we, the psychopaths who have done should share our process and techniques with you so you don't make the mistakes we did.... So yeh please post some links in the comments if you know of anyone else so I can contact them and make a place for all the info.

If your an animator and thinking of jumping into the feature and a little scared watch this video


  1. Dude... didn't you know? YOU'RE IT! You are the place we all go to find out what it's like to be a one-man feature film studio. XD

    I always keep my ear to the ground for lone animators and I haven't heard of anyone working on anything for a while- except for the 2D regulars: Plympton, Hertzfeldt, and Fierlinger - jeez - that sounded like a law office... LOLz

  2. It's 2D, but you should check out Nina Paley's film 'Sita Sings the Blues' @

    She's had a load of legal hassles regarding the music rights for the film (which couldn't possibly exist without the music she used). There is a great interview with Nina up on Google Video that is worth checking out.

    The film itself is available for free in loads of different formats (including HD versions)over at

    Thought you might want to check this out Mike, as it might be the perfect opportunity for you to get the HD version of WATS out to the people for free under a CC License..


  3. ..and thanx for the Bakshi clip - it was awesome!

  4. well there is this guy called monty oum who makes amazing animations..He hasn't made a whole film yet though even though he says he wants to..

    Also there was that guy who made From Inside. He was at that Waterloo film festival you were at so you probably already heard of him..
    I really don't know a ton about him though..I haven't seen the film of his yet..

    Well ya besides him...that's all I got :(

    It seems like there was one other thing but I can't remember...I'll comment if I do

  5. Ok thanks.. yeh actually I saw the Sita film in Waterloo.... and I know John who made "From Inside" forgot to add that one... thanks yall! I had seen Monty Oum's stuff too but those are more of fanfilms ya know since like all the characters are from games and anime... So I guess I mean "Original solo animated cg features"

  6. Oh ok..well I'll tell you if I find anything..

  7. Great post, Mdot. The idea of putting together information on making a solo 3D film and publishing it to a unique site is excellent. I'm hoping to do my own film in the future and the link you provided is very helpful.

    It's funny, you talk about isolating yourself from people while you work, but you give so much to your fans and fellow filmmakers. Thank you.

  8. Check out this d00d's stuff;

  9. we come to you.. by the way, when are you making those zbrush and cinema 4d tutorials for us?

  10. Dude, don't forget.

    And Terrence has started back up again. He has new videos and blogs going up right now.

    And a new dude on the block.

  11. There's 'missing persons'

    done by two brothers

    and Paul Robertson's Kings Of Power 4 Billion%

  12. Oh yeah, don't forget Willie Easter Jr.


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