More thoughts on workflow

btw thanks for the comments on my last post... I put my faiL behind me and dedicate myself anew to this wonderful art and make the best thing I can for youZ ^ ^

So I finished laying out the first set... and it looks AWESOME ^ ^ BUT I decided to layout all the sets first then go back and light them... I can tweak on lighting for a LONG time so its better to get all the sets layed out before tweaking too much... Optimizing the scene took the longest... moving the objects in was very fast since I have all the concept art done for the set... I just matched it up to my concept art and added a few other things and there it was...

Without characters the set is 2.5 million polys and I'm making heavy use of SPD so at render time the scene takes 4.7gb of ram to render... not bad... all my render nodes have 8gb of ram so that leaves a few gigs for the characters BUT theres very few shots that need the whole set so I hide the parts that are not needed... but yeh if I do a set a day I will finish them all this month...


  1. Man your systimatic dedication amazes me!

    8 gigs of ram per render node...impressive!

    ...ok that's the end of my comment so... *Slips away into the shadows*

  2. Thinking about the possibilities of your future landscapes awaiting to be released from your mind makes me excited. Is there room for help? I make art.


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