Not enough time in the day...

So to stay on schedule I have to layout and light 36 sets in 20 days... I'll have to cut out all human interaction pretty much haha... I seriously would be more productive when working on a film if I lived on a deserted island or something... to do this stuff you pretty much have to get lost in the world of your film and its nonstop challenges... every time you interact with a real person it takes you out of that world and it takes time to get back in... UNLESS your talking about OpenGL problems and the best way to render volumetric fog that interacts with geometry...

I technically finished modeling all the 3d elements BUT I've found myself redoing things as I'm laying sets out... I rushed a bit through some of the models and I find myself remaking them in a much better way of course ^ ^ So far things look good and my system is dealing with the sets ok... just have to keep grinding day in and day ouT.... I know the way...


  1. kinda like grinding in those old rpgs like pokemon when you are trying to get to level 100!

  2. Make sure you back your stuff up, mang! Just in case anything shifty happens.

    You'd never know when an earthquake or comet hits.

  3. Hell yeah! Get to work!

    I get out in five months! I might actually get to see a screening of this flip!!!


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