Old WATS stuff for saLE to raise money for plugins

UPDATE! Thanks to the donation by Cathy ^ ^ I got enough to buy the last two plugins.. SO thanks too everyone who donated! Adam, Ricky, Dean, Cathy and SamueL! Please no more donations as I got the plugins and I know we are all strugglin these days. Thank you my friends! I really appreciate it and you know I will do my best for you ^ ^

You can still buy the remaining images and DVD's... thanks to everyone who bought those too!

I have to buy a few hundred dollars worth of Cinema 4d plugins before I begin production and since I had these these ghetto printed on my photo printer prints laying around I figured some people might want them and it would help me raise money for the plugins....

Since the Mdot-augraphed images are one of a kind please email me to buy one at Mike@wearethestrange.com... Just tell me what # you want... Paypal would be best but I can take checks too thanks!...

These are all from the "We are the Strange" art show at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose from 2007

The are $25 USD each...shipping is included in the price

001 (SOLD)

002 (SOLD)


004 SOLD

005 SOLD

006 SOLD

007 SOLD

008 SOLD

009 SOLD

010 SOLD

011 SOLD

012 SOLD

013 SOLD

014 SOLD

015 SOLD

016 SOLD

017 SOLD

018 SOLD

019 SOLD


021 SOLD

022 SOLD

023 SOLD

M-DoT-Augraphed DVD's ^ ^

If you want an M-DoT-AUgraphed DVD made out to you personally you can use the paypal button below to get one for $30 USD with shipping to anywhere included. So yeh you can buy one with the button down there....

Who to make it out to?

If your just super nice and have extra money you can also just donate... anything you donate will go into the production of "Heart String Marionette" So please leave your name so I can include you in the credits ^ ^

THANK YOU and StaY Strange! ^ ^


  1. these are awesome, soon as i get my first paycheck i'll grab whatever's left!

  2. Great idea! I've already sent my payment. Thanks thanks thanks.


  3. What the hell - I'm in for $100.00. I figure the price for all the motivation you've shared over the past years is worth far more that than that anyway. Good luck with those new plug-ins! ;)


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