Plugin drive over thank you everyone!

Thanks to everyones purchases and donations I was able to buy all the plugins I needed ^ ^

I posted the above image so you can see I really did buy plugins and am not wasting it on like monocles or something ^ ^

So what I got was the new Cactus Dan plugin suite..character animation tools $250

Zblur2 which is a plugin to do depth of field blurring etc $79.00

Splinespread... I'm going to use this to do some crazy particle stuff 69 euros

Scoobycam tools... A camera rig..does steady cams and all kinds of other awesome things 49 euros

Again thanks! Now back to read the manuals ^ ^


  1. Excellent! Glad you were able to get the plug-ins. And thanks for listing them. I really like Cinema 4D and hope to buy a copy in the future.

    Now, don't tell me you don't have a monocle lying around somewhere?

  2. So does that mean that your sold out?


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