Scene optimization--> Layout---> Lighting

So now that I've finished all the character models for the film...even though I'll probably go back and redo a bunch.... but yeh the character phase is done... and if you've been following along you know I finished all the props and the like before the characters soooo...

The next step is to optimize all the models... NOW I could have done this while making them but I wanted to work fast and sloppy... So what is there to optimize? So say I was making a building and like I duplicated a window frame like 80 times and they all have the same texture... well then I will go in and connect all those to make one model and apply one texture to it... C4d doesn't like scenes with hundreds of little objects and it really slows the viewport makes renders slower too....

So the workflow is.... Create project file for scene... lets say Forest.c4d .... then import all the objects needs in the scene...trees, hills, props etc... then I optimize those objects... then I lay them out in the scene... then I light the scene... once it all looks good I move on to the next scene.... look at my note there are 20 main sets in the film I now need to lay out...

I start on that tomorrow... I allocated a month to do it in...then next month is rigging...


  1. Wow so much done yet so much to do!
    Just reading this blog makes me so excited for your next film!

    M dot for the win!

    Peas out! XD

  2. Thanks Mdot, when I'm slowing down, you post something that kicks my but back into gear. Congratulations for your persistance, passion, endurance. You are my favorite 3D (role) model. And the wake up weakling freestylin totally woke me up!


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