You need 200 million for that? ^ ^

I was just reading about James Cameron's new 3d-3d film "Avatar"... he was talking about what a huge task it is even with they hundreds of people and 200 million dollar budget... he said

"We have 1,600 shots for a 2.5 hour movie. It's not with a single CGI character, like King Kong or Gollum. We have hundreds of photo-realistic CG characters."

That made me laugh because HSM has 2,147 shots and its only 2 hours AND it has close to 100 photo-realistic characters ^ ^ and I'm just one guy.... now I'm using "photo-realistic" according to its definition NOT what has been accepted in the word of cg... usually when people say photorealistic character they are talking about a realistic human character... THATS NOT what I choose to take photos of ^ ^ So my photorealism is a bit different as I choose to photograph fukD little freaky dolls and monsters...

But yeh these mainstream types need to get they heads out of the tech because it is trickling down into the hands of people like me so were not that impressed with technical achievements... they need to get they heads out of the machines and focus on they ideas...innovate in more ways than with the tools they are using... because then your not making films... your making demo reels...

Oh yeh I finished modeling all the characters for HSM just now.... now its on to layouT.


  1. Congrats on the finished models!

    Ya I see these movies all the time that say that the movie is so great, that it's the movie of the century, that it's sooo amazing.


    maybe the reason they be spending so much money on their movies is cause they can't handle there money or spend to much on they selves..


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