Gotta enjoy the little things

So as much as I can I try to use practical fx in my films... Ya know like real fire and the like shot with a video camera... So yesterday I was shooting dust for an hour in my studio 0_o I know right.... AND I was excited about it! When your working on a huge animated film project there is a lot of monotony ON THE COMPUTER so whenever I get a chance to do something real its really fun... making stuff in the computer is so much more flexible and powerful but burning things in real life is much more fun ^ ^ So after I shot my dust and was exhausted from the excitement... WATS production artist Sean Boyles came over and shot FIRE for some stuff I need in HSM.

Now I'm back working on the compuTerZ...awwww... no risk or setting self in fire...awwww...


  1. Hey! O_O

    Didn't your Mom tell you to NEVER PLAY WITH FIRE?!?!?!

    That shot of you and the aerosol can look way cool! I'm too chicken to do that - I always use Trap Code's Particular - lol.

  2. lol
    I love shooting the practical effects its gets you away from the pc, plus its a right laugh.


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