Kind of a shame...

Some of my favorite 3d animation has come from Marc Craste of Studio Aka in London... If you have never seen Jojo in the Stars its a must see! I really love his style!

So I pop on over to his studios site to see what they are working on... and its kinda sad because I WANT TO SEE FILMS like Jojo in the Stars from them yet they are using all that WIN to make.... shampoo commercials <_>

I mean yeah everyone has to pay they bills BUT not everyone has that kind of originality and style so for me its kind of a shame to see it used on selling... like hair products... ya know what I mean?

There's a few other animators who have made short films I thought were amazing YET they went on to get absorbed by a big company or they just made random commercial things... Like "Canhead" by Timothy Hittle... I know he's at Pixar now... thats nice to make like family films BUT I think his short films were WAY more interesting than anything Pixar has made... and there's also "The Wolfman" by Tim Hope... I know he went on to make some music vids and a few other things but no feature films...

As you can see I have been influenced by all three to some extent... so yeh it seems they will never make features... So I hope you will make yours ^ ^ Because I want to watch some craZY new and different animated features NOT aimed at children or RUINED with "celebrity" voice actors... You'll probably mention Shane Acker's 9 which comes out this year which my last comment was aimed at... The short 9 was pretty suite BUT then producer Tim Burton got the woman who "wrote" corpse bride to write the script for 9...I mean what was the script like for Corpse Bride? Ok.... ummm... singing and dancing for no reason... two people meet and play piano together and apparently that makes them like in love forever or something then singing and dancing the end... I actually forgot what happened it was so BLAH?!!?!... so yeh and add all those voice actors and its the same as a shampoo commercial to me ^ ^

Hmmmm where will the next wacko animator or animatorS making crazy feature films come from? Hmmm I wonder if this d00d will try a feature next? He's in San Francisco I should go whisper in his ear ^ ^


  1. One of the reasons I chose to do the "day job" thing ( besides being scared shitless) was that 25 years ago I had a commercial art business down in SoCal. I did greeting cards and newspaper ads and it turned into a frigging nightmare - It sucked every last drop of passion out of me and I began to hate my drawing table and dread my studio time. When it was over I swore I would never commercialize my art again - NEVER.

    I know there are people who can sell their art and not be affected by it - but I am not one of them. When I create it has to come from a place of passion and freedom - no strings attached, no expectations of others. Otherwise, it's not really my art is it?

  2. Cathys right, theres people out there who can sell their art and not be affected by it. A lot of those people have fun just getting assignments and banging out work, then getting paid. And then they still do their own thing on the side.

    Also, some people just dont want to do features. Some people prefer the short story realm or music videos. Its their personal preference, u know?

  3. Yah I absolutely loved Jojo in the Stars too. It amazed me that the animation looked so simple but the actual story was so powerful. But it saddens me to learn that their just doing shampoo ads.

  4. i think it takes a lot of courage to do what you want, maybe even stubborness--or conviction, whatever, but to do it enough and good enough to actually make a living off it...I was wondering how you support yourslef MDOT, financially I mean... or how you used to make a living up til WATS? Maybe give us a tip on how to become an awesome independent animator without having to sell our soul aaand still have enough money for electricity and runnning water.


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