Ninjas Samurais NinjaS

Randomly.... in my brief chats with "Hollywood" back in 2007... a studio was interested in me directing a "Hard R asian themed action film shot like 300" They only wanted me to direct it... they wanted to adapt an anime into live action...they wanted a "Ninja" film... I told them I was making a Samurai film of my own... they said "ninja"... I said ok... well the only Ninja film I would work on is Ninja Scroll... the guy came back and said... "Naw we can't get the rights to Shinobi" uhhhhh yeh... Then I saw this news where Leonardo Dicaprio bought the rights in late 08 and plans to make a live action Ninja Scroll


  1. Great. First they destroy Dragon Ball Z with their BS. Now they have their sights on Ninja Scroll. Why does Hollywood want to fuck up a great anime like they did to Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter?

  2. O_o Honestly - my first reaction to this was to feel sick to my stomach. HE snatched the rights to Akia AND Ninja Scroll?!?!?
    Then I read the article where it said DeCaprio would NOT be in the planned films. *whew*
    But still - these are time honored anime classics - I say LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  3. Bet they make crap out of it. Fo SHO!

  4. Good news:


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