Pixologic is flippin teh SCRIPT

So if you follow this blog you know I have become a big fan of Pixolgic Zbrush and I am using it for most everything in my new animated feature film... It allows you to create extremely detailed high poly meshes... for a face I'm going up to about 7 million polys... obviously you dont want a scene full of characters with heads that have 7 million polys....soooo I use lo res meshes with SPD maps applied to get the detail when rendering...it works but it adds a lot to render time.... and THEN...

Pixologic released "Decimation Master" a new plugin to reduce poly counts... I just tried it on one of my 7 million poly models...and I took it down to 50k.... and there's no real difference?!?! it AMAZING! I mean if you zoom in to an extreme close up you can see some detail missing but otherwise its great....so now I have to decimate all my models ^ ^

AND also Pixologic announced Zbrush 4 coming in August and they announced one new feature GO ZBRUSH which makes the 50 clicks and 5 minutes of time I spend getting models from Zbrush to Cinema into one click and one second 0_0 AND I can edit the model in Zbrush and the changes show up in Cinema....just AMAZING!!!

Well I've said it before...there really is NOTHING stopping an artist today from realizing they ideas in 3d today... well laziness is the only excuse... but DAMN this stuff is getting WAY to EASY ^ ^ Pretty soon I'll be making an animated feature film every year XD


  1. Dude - you are so right-on. I lust learned today that a feature length HD animation has been made by a studio in India using iClone, a machinima based animation program that I use - I was like, WHUT?!?!?!
    But you are so right - there ARE NO LIMITS - if we have any it's because WE MAKE the limits and put them on ourselves needlessly. Peas Out.


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