Landscapes, forests, mountains in C4D

Things just keep getting better for c4d users making films ^ ^ The guy who made the ScoobyCam steadycam plugin and the Splinespread plugin...both of which I own...he is going to release this SurfaceSpread Plugin

It looks REALLY useful for building and filling out sets as it can distribute objects randomly and naturally with ease... it also builds the terrain?! Now I already finished building my sets and I spent MOST of the time laying out the objects trying to give them a random appearance... I used the plugin PaintonSurface on Mograph cloners in Object mode with random effectors and it worked pretty well but this new plugin is SO much faster... So now I can create set extensions with ease.... it should be released before August 14th...

ALL THAT and a new version of C4d comes out in August ^ ^ Pure WIN I say_EtH!!!


  1. Your enthusiasm is catchy! So glad to hear you are banging-out the film and having fun. Creativity should always be fun and feel good - if it doesn't, you have to ask yourself why. I recently had to do this myself and realized I needed to go back to 2D. I think we all have our groves, those places we excel in. You definitely are in your groove my man! We (your fans) are happy you are and can't wait to see this next work from you.


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