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I've been following this thread on cgtalk about Linear workflow... I tested out the Linear workflow setup in C4d... you has to adjust the output gamma and adjust all the materials gamma to do this until that plugin comes out... and yeh its pretty interesting... the lighting is a lot more even and less dramatic than non linear NOW it seems this would be a lot more useful for architectural stuff or mixing 3d/Live action... since I'm doing an all 3d fantasy film I WANT it to be more dramatic so the mega contrast and hotspots works for me... I was thinking of going linear on HSM but then I'd have to apply a filter to every single material on every single file... BUT if this plugin comes out before I go into production I might check it out agains...

So next month NEW versions of Cinema 4d AND Zbrush come out....I go into production the following month....hmmmm.... it will be close but if there are some awesome new features in the new C4d that will really add to the production I'll have to jump in and upgrade... I'll DEF be upgrading to Zbrush 4 because its free and it can't screw up the production if its buggy nah mean...

With about a month until production.... I'll be tweaking rigs, optimizing characters for animation and rendering, tweaking set lighting and optimizing for rendering.. doing render tests over the network etc... lots of things to do... the busywork before the production starts and the "AM I READY?!? AM I READY?!?! AM I READY??!" inside my head 24/7 haha... The answer is never "YES I AM READY" you just have to be brave and jump in despite the ITCHY doubts and fears...


  1. Thanks for the link to that thread, that will be pretty useful for me in the future.

  2. oNLY a month until production? YOu just got me excited!

    ON the linear workflow thing note. I was looking at the thread and was it just me or did the originals look cooler? idk maybe it would look better when it's animated and all but as far as the stills go there just seemed to be more life in the originals. But the plugin does sound useful if your struggling with lighting problems and all. But if you can do better on your own then it doesn't seem to matter alot.

    So did you get back from your trip? Was/has it been amazing?

    Keep on rawkin man!

  3. You can jump.
    I'm done jumping.


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