The power of procedurals

I really LURVE using procedural animation... whenever I can I try to use it... Whether its Xpresso Noise driving Position or rotation... or C4d's own very useful Vibrate tag OR CStools VibrateNull or SineNull... and recently I bought a little plugin called smarttween That does a great job automating some simple animation tasks... I've already used it for some character animation in the new film.... I MEAN most "animators" would not use procedurals I guess if they prided themselves on they keyframe animation skills or somethin BUT I just make films... I love animation BUT I'm making films so I use whatever I can to get the result I want lest I spend a month animating one shot ^ ^

In the future I see myself using more and more puppetry techniques in 3d and procedurals... So that I can work faster... Eventually I'd like to create an animated feature a year ^ ^ K back to work for me....


  1. Dang I think I've seen enough of Ice age 3 now lol..I really thought it looked interesting 8-9 maybe? I can't remember now gosh!

    What does Procedurals mean exactly by the way?

  2. I feel sorry for the person that had to do that ONE SHOT for an entire month. If I had the chance to work there and that's what they told me I would be doing, I would say 'No Thanks' for sure.

  3. did you ever tried some kind of mocap? what about using Capuccino together with a joystick?

  4. Very interesting looking at how the animation on the one month shot plays out. If you can always go back and finess a performance then people will always have an opinion on how to make it better.

    At least wit stop motion you HAD to commit to saying whether a bit of animation worked or not as you couldn't go back (at least with a roll of film anyway) you had to know where you're character was going to end up and finding the best way of getting them their.

    Ulimited ammounts of fiddling will breed ultra geek levels of time wasting! Do what needs to be done on HSM! even that! D:

  5. One month for one shot eh? How long was the final shot?, cuz that 'making of video' was even too boring to watch. I've always managed 4 seconds per day for my films, and I don't even nit pick too much if objects are 'ghosting' ("penetrating" each other.. hehe)

    So while buddy there has his one shot in ice age 3, I've got my 65 minute film archon defender done.

    I swear by motion capture data and constantly building up a library of motions that I use and recycle in future shots.


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