What do you want to be?

Do you want to be the snarky person sitting in the corner uttering short remarks that whilst they do provide instant gratification leave everyone else empty inside... Do you want to give what is known...make known what is already known yet in a shinier, faster "more hip" manner? Do you want to be the person afraid to go in depth into anything or anyone because you are afraid of those unknown depths within yourself.... Do you want to tell the same old stories in "new" ways? Leaving the cultural and mythical reservoir empty with only a few tired tumbleweeds rattling around the same territory they always do? Even though it may make people angry some times the truth is the best medicine... So as a filmmaker...artist...whatever... I believe its your responsibility to tell YOUR emotional truth... no matter how "insane, random, bizarre, disturbing or "pointless" it may seem to people...

This is where film has been FUCKED... FUCK the whole business thing... FUCK all the parasites and talentless, passionless fucking scumbags who have turned talented, passionate filmmakers into inane drones capable of only pleasing producers and test audiences... THATS NOT WHAT FILM IS FOR... its not about making "content" or a "product" to be consumed by mindless masses.... PEOPLE WANTED REAL EMOTION...REAL EXPERIENCE...REAL PAIN... REALNESS.... not the trite fake shit in all these modern films..... and FUCK YOU to the person thats saying "its a business thats how it is get over it" FUCK YOU! WE WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOUR WAYS... YOU who tells the young kid to "think realistically" and tells them there is no cinematic Santa Claus... as much as you fuckos hate it.... THE MAGIC IS BACK and MY FRIENDS and I M NIGHTMARE will unravel your boring repetitive pastel airport carpet of mediocrity you call "FILM"... I know some of YOU read this blog and I will say that as much as this whole DIY filmmaking thing may seem like a novelty to you its not going away.... your going away ^ ^

Now... now... passionate filmmakery people in the haus.... you must realize that your days of being the batch processing script to these pasty FUX is OVER.... that is IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS... do you have the GUTS to do what I do? If you don't have the guts you'll continue to be the batch of these biz folks... and you know what if you don't have the guts I dont want to see your films anyway because your probably one of the people mentioned in my first paragraph... The tech is here! The distribution mechanism is here! ITS UP TO YOU how you are able to survive... the audience doesnt care how or where you live they just want to see your film... So get that real honest raw emotion and make a fucking movie and show it to people... if its good the people will respond...then make another one...

Ya see it now? Survival of the fittest...

So getting back to my previous point.... FUCK YOU TO THE PEOPLE SAYING THAT FILM IS JUST A BUSINESS ^ ^ FILM is an ART... for a long time to make films you had to mix with the busnISSY people but that time is NO MORE... If you treat film as business and your film as merely a "product" you and your film will melt into the mediocre masses of bland product kicked out year after year... if your REAL and put real EMOTION in your film and you have fucking GUTS and dare to be BOLD the sky is the limit...

So to all you REAL peeps out there if you don't already know ....PLEAS... DO WHATEVER YOU WANT... THERE ARE NO LIMITS, NO RULES... DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU... learn the technology, study the craft, learn and do everything EVEN if people tell you that you cant or its "unrealistic" or whatever... make your own shit up... be original, passionate and real.... if you FAKE it and simply use the new tools and distribution methods to pretend and be a fake bastard and do the same old shit in a "more hip" way... well... YOU WILL DIE... INSIDE.

Now is this the time Mr. M dot Strange went insane and starting threatening like... psychological and emotional death? Nah... I've always been like... not ok... I've just had to smile and play sane to ease my way in... With HSM... there is no ice cream... there is only nightmare... there is no self censorship... there is no playing nice... there is only darkness... I know you probably think I'm joking but I'm not... I'm just a twisted man full of demons that plays with dolls alone in the dark in a room full of computers... the demons have been released from my mind and have entered the computers..... and in a little more than a year from now you will see what they have created... I hope your ready for it...

I laugh when I read the thoughts of other "indy" filmmakers on they blogs and they like... I laugh because they view of "film" is so far removed from my own... its like to them its just a job or a game or something... I remember back when I was 8 or 9 and my friend said "lets play fight"... I said "ok"... he smiled and got in a fighting stance like a pro wrestler or something... I lunged at him and started punching him in the face with tightly closed little fists... now a little 8 year olds fist can't do much damage... but a twisted grown man's mind can do a lot of.... D.amage O.ver T.ime....

Yeh you know meh Dee Oh Tee.... fire, poison, acid? Nah... HEART STRING MARIONETTE.

END psycho rant to go back to worK.

THIS plays in my head when I write this shit ^ ^



  1. I'm feeling what you're saying.

    I may totally agree but the exploitations of artistic minds for the benefit of some $$$ is a really ugly thing.

    It should be about art and originality but instead it's about what movie did well at the box office this time of year or what actor is on the hot list. It's all about money, no passion.

    People like to follow structure. They're afraid they're not good enough etc so they have to follow someone else that has accomplishments. In truth it's the David lynchs, the M dot stranges, the jackson pollacks that change the world, that actually make new stuff without being a copy of a copy of a copy...

    Keep making those movies.

  2. "With HSM... there is no ice cream... there is only nightmare... there is no self censorship... there is no playing nice... there is only darkness..."

    Whoa cant fucking wait!

    It nice to know that atleast mdot is keeping it real in an industry full of prostitutes...

  3. but... but ... but I like ice cream.

    Agreed: Film is art.

    Why not go outside for awhile?

    Just saying.

  4. Whoa dude another amazing sermon lol

    But ya I agree those hollywood freaks are gonna die out. They're "Products" are getting stale and soon enough the sparkle and shine will fade from peoples minds cause basically it's gonna get old. Then ppl will get tired of it. Hollywood's kinda on a one way trip going down to me. I mean if real film makers and actually ran it and not business men then it could stand a chance but..

    The other day I saw some fan series based on silent hill and sure the Cgi wasn't the best and there was like no spoken dialog (All subs) But you know what was funny about it? ONe guy used the silent hill setting to tell his own story and It blew that hollywood crap out of the water! IN my opinion it's because the story. I mean the fan film and the hollywood film both use the silent hill setting for it's use. One used it to tell an amazing story and one used it to sell they stupid horror movie.

    I can't say I agree with your um..choice of words but you have made a strong point.

  5. I agree with Drainage (The films called Silent Hill: No Escape by the way). Roger Avary completely altered the story that was really good to begin with (the sidestory with the husband was completely uneccasary and really boring). The direction from Christopher Gans I felt misinterpreted the psycological aspect of Silent Hill and tried too hard to emulate the look of the town.

    But I will say this.

    I don't think that he made the movie just for the money. I believe Christopher Gans really thought he could make a perfected adaption of Silent Hill. The script was way too heavy in dialogue (as I fear the upcoming Shadows of the Colossus will be) and didn't follow the storyline like it was supposed to.

    But onto a different point: About Mdot's rant. I get what you're saying, Hollywood is a bitch that is dumbing down its viewers and turning talent into garbage. But I think that your view of "modern films" is a bit generalized. There are alot of bad filmmakers and there are a lot of good ones. I'd blame the game, but not all the players. THe people who play by the rules are stuck up to winning the prize that doesn't mean shit. But we all no that it's more fun to cheat. The people who play by the rules say "You can't do that, it's not in the rules!" and the cheater says "Fuck the rules!" and end up winning in the end.

    So my point is that the modern filmmakers who play by Hollywood's rules are fucking pussies who are playing with their dicks thinking they're winners. But the modern filmmakers who make Hollywood their bitch and beat their system are the real winners.

    BTW, can't wait for HSM to come out. Looking foward to it. ;)

  6. The other day I saw some fan series based on silent hill and sure the Cgi wasn't the best and there was like no spoken dialog (All subs) But you know what was funny about it? ONe guy used the silent hill setting to tell his own story and It blew that hollywood crap out of the water! IN my opinion it's because the story. I mean the fan film and the hollywood film both use the silent hill setting for it's use. One used it to tell an amazing story and one used it to sell they stupid horror movie."

    That fanfilm is called "Silent Hill: No Escape" - information on the film and its creator (along with a link to a torrent of the DVD version) can be found on its website:

  7. Ya Eric that's the series. Hit it right on the nail.

    I think if I was a hollywood director I would have to ask myself If my movies can be made by they're rules. If I can make a movie that's true to myself and it just happens to meet their guildlines then that's all good but if you find that you can't then I dont think you belong in hollywood. And from the looks of it Hollywood wont work for me if I go into film making. They're rules would become a road block and not a helping hand.

    I've seen good film out of hollywood. I've even seen one or two lately that were exceptionally good but the good ones are the minority. A good movie out of hollywood seems to be as allusive as a like a 4 leaf clover.

    The reason I don't like hollywood is simply cause I'm tired of the the soulless films that seem to parade the screens. The mass of movies are simply ticket sellers The movies aren't worth a lot to me and it gets frustrating. I can barely stand watching tv anymore because there's never anything good one. Although I have found I'm not missing much seeing as all the shows I like either rarely come on or they happen to be discontinued to where you can't find them on tv anyway.

  8. Word. They be just doin' it for the cheddARR. Fuck 'em!


  9. I agree.
    Film should be art, not business.
    The only reason things get noticed, is because they are different, and this goes for every art form. I'm so glad you're making movies and defying the system. Reading all of this makes me pumped up. I'm gonna go watch my WATS dvd now...

  10. One thing is certain: the people who were only into filmmaking to make money instead of communicate ideas will fall by the wayside.

    Filmmaking is *not* a business. It is an art. Theatrical film distribution is a business, selling DVDs was a business. Expression of one's self is NOT a way to make money.

    That being said we need money to eat and buy art supplies but too many blindly look at how to bastardize their work to make money from it instead of say... getting a job? Or starting a business that is related to your filmmaking.

    Anyways, your head is on straight so that's good.

  11. WOOOOO!!!!!
    This stuff's FIYA!!!!!
    Screw the whole system! All things are possible, and it can be made to happen. This whole system is pretty much Babylon. They have their own intentions that aren't really good for the people. We gotta work to change things. There's still enough room for originality and masterdom from us humans by the end of this eon.
    It isn't just about being controversial, plenty of dim-souled people have been doing that. Hacks who think their cool just being gratuitous or perverse/depraved or so-called "pushing the limit". Please. We need the reality that will shatter this illusion. Unleash the people will 'turn the world upside down'. It's not about the paper, but something more within and throughout. The Spirit..

  12. I feel like the same way!.. Minus the profanity n stuff...lol..
    We're like almost seemingly in one spirit!..

  13. Hey your that subscriber dude of mine on Youtube! HEY SUSCRIBY DUDE!

    ...now back to your regularly scheduled comments..

  14. Um well *Checks his youtube* Yep thats you..Onless you stole his profile pic!

  15. There was a lovely little phrase used at a place of past employment, a place of allegedly creative acts for money, it was

    "Shit product."

    I believe the managers would have preferred it to be "Ship product." but you can't give managers everything they want.

  16. Is it wrong that every time you talk about this film being madness and nightmares I wanna put myself in a coma and wake up the day it comes out? XD

    Seriously though dude. Ur words are inspiring as usual. I don't think any of my stuff is nearly as...out there as ur ideas, but I'm gonna keep makin stuff regardless of the haters.

    Stay strange, not that you need reminding.


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