Alright alright LINEAR is betteR

I think I posted about this Linear color workflow plugin for Cinema 4d called DeGamma I bought it a few weeks ago and have been using it as I light my sets for HSM...

Now until recently I'd read a lot about linear workflows and the like but I never really understood what the advantage was... I mean I saw the advantage of compositing in 32 bit color space in AE for light fx and blending... but I never really understood the whole linear thing when it came to lighting my scenes... after using it for awhile now and reading the manual a few times I know understand and see the advantage...

So in lamE_Mdots terms... all you need to know that when working in linear mode... Its like film vs. miniDV... in linear, you use softer lights so there's no nasty hotspots (clipping) less light goes a long way and when lighting this way more detail in the scenes shows up... The normal non-linear way is like shooting on miniDV... you need hotter lights that cause hotspots (clipping) lights dont have that much of an effect so you have to use more and brighter lights so you lose a lot of the detail in the scenes.

So yeh I can say that by working in Linear my scenes take on a softer, more realistic and subtle look... its really great now like working with film ^ ^

So yeh if your using Cinema 4d I highly recommend this plugin...even if you still dont understand...get it, apply it to your scenes with full linear workflow and work that way... if your 3d package has a linear workflow try it out, your images will sanK yoU.

Since my test images are top secret for now ^ ^ Here's some I took off a site reviewing DeGamma

See the difference?


  1. Okay now it does look better in those pics. Glad to hear you found that out :D

  2. Have you used this in a full linear workflow in AE? I just recently purchased the plugin as well and was wondering the best way to comp this in a linear fashion.

  3. Yeh I did some roundtrip are my results in this post on cgtalk...


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