d00d got like Vue 8 big deal ^ ^

So as I am an animation/comic/film geek amongst other things I try to stay up on new things in those areas... as I was anxious to see some imagery from James Cameron's new film Avatar because of all the like changing everything HYP3... and now that the trailer is out... I feel really let down... I was really expecting something special but its just like I GOT 800 MILLION DOLLARS AND LIKE MY PROFESSIONAL TEAM IS USING VUE 8 BETA AND WERE DOING THIS MOCAP THING SO THEY MOVE LIKE REAL PEOPLE....wow... OH SHET and the story is about a guy driving another body JUST LIKE MOCAP!??! OMG its a VUE 8 MOCAP FANTASY LAND hahahaa.... I don't know about you but this Starcraft II trailer is a lot better than the Avatar one...

BUT of yeh Avatar is in life changing never seen before 3d right... haha... Am I a bastard for making fun of it? Yes I am a bastard but not for ragging on multi million dollar productions...

Just goes to show you that money can't buy you creative innovation...YES it can buy you technical innovation but thats pretty boring... they should keep films like that at Siggraph...

What do you think? I think the tools available to us have gotten so sophisticated we are no longer that impressed by the work of so called "professionals"

besides I already saw the rEAL AVATAR

Found this on the stashmedia blog...

James Cameron is m0 gangsta than I thought?! DAMN ^ ^


  1. I say "blah" to this movie which is russian for BLAH! I actually heard about this from some E3 deal. didnt really impress me much. they just blabbed forever about how great this "Avatar" was gonna be and how great the animation would be and all that but it didnt get me excited. plus thar be no flying kid with a blue arrow on his head...just aliens and hollywoods which is swedish for LAME! hahaha.

  2. Felt exactly as you did, MD. What's with the fake CGI look. Vue 8 is right. How is this supposed to change everyone's mind about CGI/VFX films? I don't think so. And poop blown up to gigantic screen size is still poop. Talk about living on your reputation, Mr. Cameron.

    Rag on, Mr. Strange, I'm with you.

  3. After watching the 'avatar' trailer, I couldn't help comparing it to battle for terra

    In other words, I betcha I already know what's going to happen in 'avatar'

    So James Cameron spent like 10 years on this and has over 9000 super pro animators and render nodes etc. So it's going to be liek the best film 3v4r then, eh>?...

  4. I don't know guys. This film looks like the next best movie ever. A trailer from Hollywood NEVER lies.

  5. Dude!! It looks like high-end machinima. And Vue 8? Pullleeeez.

    Jimmy Cameron's out of touch. But those comments over at Stash had me laughing my ass off. I was tempted to sign-in as Spielberg and say "I wish I had a filmmaking computer like that."


  6. OK, it's the future so people can inhabit physical avatars with their minds but the guy still has to wheel his wheelchair around manually? wtf??

    Starcraft trailer is much better, Avatar looks like it is going to be 'Dances With Wolves in Outer Space'.

  7. Good grief - Avatar this!


  8. Nice one, HatHead

    I think this:

    exemplifies everything I find wrong with 'character animation'.


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