Don't stop till its "there"

As I'm lighting this last I have been for the past 11 hours or so 0_0... I find that I keep changing it until its "there"... Now where is "there"? I really don't know what "there" is but for this film I don't stop working on things until they are there... a few friends have seen the sets in process and been like "oMG thats beautiful?!" but I'm like "Nah its not THERE yet" So as I tweak on in the 100' degree and my workstation starts beeping nonstop due to overheating?! I keep working till it gets "there"... then once this last one is there... i'll go back and fix the first 6 I did because I dont know where there was yet when I did those ^ ^ Confusing eh?

I show this stuff to meh friend... the composer, Endika... tomorrow for the first time so he can start working on the score... or at least I'm supposed to...hope I can have them all there by then...


  1. One never finishes a lighting rig,
    You just stop working on it :D

  2. Lynch had a great comment about working on Blue Velvet. When they finished decorating the set (he was helping), he said essentially what you are saying, "It's not there yet". Eventually the addition of dust-bunnies under the wall heater got the set to where he wanted it.

    It's a sense of completeness or eveness when you look at something you've created that tells you it's right. I think trusting that feeling is a very important thing to develop your work.

  3. "There" for me is when a scene, 2D or 3D, matches the way I've seen it in my mind's eye. That's the challenge for me.

  4. How exciting. Last set lighting done! Congrats man! I get what you mean. Working on stuff till it just feels right. Like me spending 20 minutes just to get 2 scenes of doors opening to match up just right. They told me that it looked fine but my mind was like NO NO IT DONT FIX IT!..

  5. Its so interesting man so see how your whole philosophy about creating art and film has changed over the past few months. For awhile post WATS you were all about getting things done and just learning what you needed to, and now ur learning ZBrush and C4D top to bottom. And also back in the WATS days your philosophy was if you wanted to improve something, make the next one better, but now your going back and tweaking everything until its "there".

    I have no idea what this means in context of you as a creator. Just an observation


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