film making "experts" with no experience

It seems the world... the internet world especially is full of people who act like, talk like, and posture like "experts" yet they have no experience in the fields they are "experts" in... They believe themselves to be experts because they have researched a certain area a lot... they may have even made a halfhearted attempt at said task and found out they were not up to it....but until you do it, follow through and finish it...whatever the task may be... your still a poseur, a wannabe... and your opinion doesn't mean much at all...

Why do chemists bother to test anything in the lab? I mean shET it works on paper so it will work in the real world right?

Now what am I talking about exactly? Well... even though I am working hard on HSM I constantly have my evil tentacles probing all corners of the internets... and I read a lot of posts by young optimistic people looking to learn and make films and work with other people perhaps... then these supposed experts all rain down on them with the supposed "way it is" and the supposed "rules" and the supposed "limits" and they go on an on about how hard it is to do what they want to do... trying to "bring the person back to reality"...Back to THEIR REALITY... my advice is DONT SUBSCRIBE TO OTHER PEOPLE REALITIES... DONT TAKE ON OTHER PEOPLES LIMITS OR BOUNDARIES...just because they were unable to do something it doesn't mean you can't...

So all you supposed "experts" out there with no experience in DIY 3d animation or whatever who are trying to limit or crush other peoples dreams... pleaS go FORK YOURSELVES in the FACE ^ ^ Accept your fate and don't try to taint anyone else's.

YOU NEVER know how far someone can go... how far someone can fly... so stop trying to put a leash on them...

I know when your a MALE its hard to admit you don't know something or that your answer is not correct or that your not supermachoman#1face in control of everything and everyone... but sometimes you just need to admit that you don't know what your typing about and let people be... WHO ARE YOU to tell them what they limits are?

A world full of "experts" with no experience... There's nothing like practical real world experience... until then your like a sword untested in battle...

Me and my homIE Lance Weiler...we some battle tested filmmaking mofOS


  1. Amen. Experts go away to Expert Island or something and leave us alone! So tired of hearing them. We'll put, Mdot.

  2. Hell yeah! Amen brotha!

  3. Very well said. Bravo.
    I too struggle with that from time to tome - doing things the "right way" as a pen and ink illustrator. I use a computer for my pre and post work. I also publish using print-on-demand technology for distribution. In some eyes this makes me less a "real artist" but I don't really give a rat's arse what they think. This is how I do it. These are the tools I use. My art - my choice.

  4. Thank you for that, Mr. Strange. Some very inspiring words.

  5. Making a animated film is easy. All you have to do is write the script, storyboard it, create the concept art, design the characters and enviroments, build the 3d sets, props, models, characters, texture and light, rig the models, animate, lipsync, render, comp, fx, edit, sync audio, music, final comp, and done!

    The only difference between a short and a feature is the number of shots you have to do. Anyone who thinks it's too much of a task doesn't know what they're talking about, because I've done it, m dot strange has done it, Jeff Lew has done it, Matt and Dan O'donnel did it.

    I've never heard anyone tell me that I couldn't finish Archon Defender. Guess I wasn't listening. (too busy making my film)


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