Sigh... No choice for "safety"

Mo ranting from meh... Ya know all the crap films that are made now are made because they are "safe" pre-sold franchises.... remakes, re-imaginings, adaptations blah blah... they don't take any chances on any new ideas because they are not "safe"... now in the world of film that equals biannual regurgitations of mediocre soulless crap...

Now in real life in the US... when people trade in they choice for "safety" it means that I, a person with no criminal record at ALL can be stopped in the street for nothing at all by 8 police... searched...including taking off my shoes, socks etc for 30 minutes... can be told to my face by judging eyes "You are on drugs" when I don't use any drugs at all.... and I have to stand there and take it unless I want to get tasered, shot and arrested...not necessarily in that order...

The Hollywood system rewards films that plays its game... big money, big stars, fancy things... and it attacks little films that don't have those things...

In real life A_merica the "system" rewards those that plays its game... if I was driving a new BMW and had fancy clothes on those police would not have stopped me... but I was riding a bike wearing messed up old clothes... So I must either be A) drug addict B) Ex-con or C) Drug addict... as there are no artists riding bikes around any more I guess?

Eh it just saddens me everytime I come back to the US from some other country because I know WHAT IT CAN BE and WHAT IT ONCE WAS... it wasn't "current threat level orange" all the time like it is now... that bullshit is there to keep all in fear because when your in fear your in a state of panic and all you want is "Safety" Well "safety" is here now...

Are filmmakers at "current threat level orange" as well? I thinks so.....

Now I don't get harassed that much... but the police bother me more than the "criminals" do... and now I know I can't go to my studio in the middle of the night... well I can if I buy a new car... but then oh I wouldnt be able to make films because I'd have to pay for the car blah blah...

So when HSM is done one of my priorities is leaving the USA...

Too much "safety" suffocates.


  1. The government keeps us in fear because it is easier to control people who are afraid all the time. Plus, people who are in a state of constant fear and apprehension don't have time to think about things like their civil rights and guaranteed freedoms under the Constitution. People who are always afraid don't ask questions. But really, the Constitution doesn't matter anymore because our government is owned and run by corporations now and not the original ideals that it was founded upon. So - yes, you are screwed. We are all screwed. We play go-along to get-along and all the while we seethe inside for something more. I am sorry the police harassed you. But I am so glad you were smart enough not to give them an excuse to arrest you or hassle you further than they did.

  2. It's hard to apologize for someone ele, but I'm real sorry for your poor treatment just because you look "different" than the souless zombies that walk the streets. I'm not surprised you want to leave the US. Many artists have gone before you. Personally, I think it's a great idea. I think you'll get more support abroad. Just got to make sure I see you before you go since we don't live that far apart.

    Good luck, my friend.

  3. so you did you still get to film the underwater shots you twittered about?

    this happened to me the other day walking home from work at midnight, i got pulled up by the cops about 2 houses away from home. wanting to know why i was wandering around at night and that i looked suspicious because i was wearing a hoodie, well yeh its midnight and its cold, im not gonna be walking around in a shirt and tie sir. i know they are doing their job, but you always feel crap after an interrogation

  4. Well can't you send in a complaint to the police department? not that I think it will do a world of difference but somebody needs to get them to chill a bit. of course that guys probably not you but it's just an idea.

    Leaving the US seems like a nice idea all though I don't have much faith in humanity in general so I wouldn't be surprised if there's jerks all over.

    I was gonna try to find out where you lived so that I could be the creepy guy across the street staring all the time..but now I can do that and see the world at the same time XD lol

  5. I wonder if that only happens in bigger towns. I live in a small town and you see weirdos walking around at night all the time.

  6. Yeah, fight the system, MDot. It looks like the things you've dealt with concerning conformists and fear-ridden, uncreative people may really turn out into something productive. Just don't be afraid to introduce new ideas, and fight censorship to the end!
    And, concerning Drainage's remark, humanity's got its problems but it seems like everywhere they're being dealt with except for in America.
    Anyway, good luck with HSM!

  7. You're welcome in Berlin anytime... Seems like my trip to the US is getting canned, for now anyways...

  8. yeah go to Berlin or Bristol in the Uk

  9. It's the same least it is in Britain too...if they ain't careful these "western" countries are gonna have some mass emmigration...

    Bring on outer heaven...

  10. I think this might help you out mdot:
    Sean Kennedy of RantMedia (also one of my voice actors btw...) on the importance of camouflage:

    index to 5:48

    The whole idea is to fight the system from within. You dont have to be a conformist, you just have to appear to be one. Or not, really it's up to yourself how much tyrrany you're willing to put up with.

    Come up to Canada, we don't have it nearly as bad (yet)


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