Why not you?

I know a lot of things in life that you may want to learn seem intimidating... and a lot of times the so called "professionals" will try to talk you out of learning out of fear that you will take they jobs haha...

But seriousylY... you can learn ANYTHING you want these days IF you know where and how to look... the learning resources are there... text, video...whatever you want!

When I approach something new to learn... I say to myself " X person learned that so why can't I? Yeh why not me? " Then I just jump in and do my best and eventually I do learn it and gain that skill...then I move on to another...

So if there's something that seems currently out of your grasp... and maybe your talking yourself out of learning it for whatever reason... just stop and say "Why not me?" and get all the learning materials you can and jump in and do your best... odds are you will learn something ^ ^

Just recently... REALLY learning and understanding the character setup and rigging process was out of my grasp...I did it before but I didn't know what I was doing.... but thanks mostly to free tutorial videos by Cactus Dan I now know what I'm doing and feel comfortable and confident with the process...

So now I'm on to REALLY learning and understanding 3d character animation...again, I've done it before but it was all in a rush and in a panicked situation...now I have some time to really get in and practice and learn and I will GET THIS too ^ ^ Why not me? So far the best things I have found are these notes from Animation Mentor and the 3 video set by Jeff Lew.

I found a lot of other "3d animation tutorials" but they never go past a bouncing ball and stuff like that.. they might have one character move and thats it... for me the tough thing has always been going from action to action... like having a character jump down, swing a sword then run away... so yeh I r learningS.


  1. There really is NOTHING that can not be learned if someone applies themselves to the task of learning. Especially since the advent of the interwebs - it is amazing what you can find! GO FOR YOUR DREAMS and don't let anyone or anything hold you back.

  2. You know kwat? That's a really good idea. Why can't I learn mod plug tracker?.. MPT YOUR LEARNING CURVE WILL BE ELIMINATED!

  3. I found there's nothing like jumping in with both feet, and always making life hard on yourself in terms of stretching your skills to over 9000% then when you're done it's like you just got a super 0day mad 1337 powerup.

    Like when I was starting Archon Defender, I had never done character animation before so I had to jump in and learn how to model, skin, and animate or there was going to be no film. :( and that wasn't an option.


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