Everything old is new again?!

Ya know there's this saying in pop culture.... where they bring shit back from like 20 years before and say "Everything old is new again" So like... So if all the "new" is really old.... then there is nothing new? COUGH Hmmmm is this a natural phenomenon? OR is it just because once a company originally develops or purchases the rights to some intellectual property they want to keep reusing it over and over because its cheaper and easier? Me thinks this is so...

So don't buy into they "there are no new ideas" bullshit... there are plenty of new idea but since they dont own a license on them they dont want you to use them haha... OR you can develop them on your own then you sell it to them and all of a sudden something new emerges to be recycled for 20 years COUGH *Tim Burton* COUGH

Yeh its "easier" to do the same thing over and over and to recycle the same shit forever BUT be warned! Emerging audiences will not stand for such craP... So I think you will have to be original and innovative every time you make a film or you will die a horrible obscure death with no massive P & A budget to save you.