Final tech details before production and thankS

As I go into production I thought I'd share some of the final tech details... and thank some people...

I will NOT be compositing shots as I go along like I did with WATS... Its not very efficient as you end up wanting to change shots which means re-rendering 3d AND re-rendering the comp... also I dont want to rush the matte paintings and particle fx work for each shot... So I will go through and animate and render all the 3d... then when the whole film is done... start comping the finals...

I was able to sort out my Exr problems.. the problem was with After Effects interpretation not C4d... so to get Exr working properly with Cs4 right now... You need to check "preserve RGB" in the interpretation options in Cs4... change the project to 32bit of course... add the "hdr compander" effect to the footage with an expansion gamma of .4545...

Once I get to comping which will like be a year from now I will render out the finals to the SheerVideo 10bit codec... mega thanks to Andreas from bitjazz for his awesome help and support ^ ^

Thanks to Paul Babb and Maxon for making the best and most powerful 3d animation software for artists AND for helping me out ^ ^

Thanks to Cactus Dan for his help and support and for developing really easy to use flexible character animation plugins for Cinema 4d... his free 4+ hour video tutorials allowed me to take my rigs to the next level this time around.

Thanks to Per Anders who is the developer of DeGamma.... Just 6 months ago I was ignorant to the benefits of a linear workflow but now I can't live without it and it has brought a level of realism to my shots that I've never before achieved.

I would ALSO ^ ^ like to thank C4dJack for developing his 3 awesome plugins which I will use in pretty much all my shots in the film.

Thanks to Philip from Frischluft for his help and support and for creating the BEST DOF blur plugin in the world for After Effects

Thanks to all the d00ds at Blackmagic Design from Australia and San Jose for having me out to speak and for their help and support.

AND I would also like to thank Nate and Sarah from youtube for helping out a weirdo animator like me ^ ^

Also I would like to thank Liz and Tishna for having me out to speak at so many places!

AND! Of course I would like to thank YOU for sticking with me and supporting me all this time ^ ^

I will do my best... and my "best" these days is 9000 times better than what you've ever seen from me before!

There's actually lots more people I need to thank but this post could go on forever... I'll put you in the credits of the film aight!

So yeh I actually start making the film tomorrow... ITS ABOUT TIME right ^ ^


  1. That's right, we be with you all the way! Make HSM and own those pigeons.

  2. Go get em, Mdot. Your list of thank you's is inspiring. Have at it no holds barred. Cactus Dan plugs are amazing.

  3. Congrats on the work so far. I can't wait to see HSM!

    I've been following the blog since you visited Limerick for the Fresh festival. I was one of the volunteers that helped out the day you did the stop motion with the primary school kids.

    I'm out of work since I finished college but I got a macbook and some adobe software so I'm starting to make some films of my own. I find it kinda hard to get used to working on the mac cos I'm so used to using windows shortcuts. I was wondering if you, or anyone reading this, could recommend a place to get free tutorials on adobe software and how to save stuff properly. Just basics you know. I don't think I'm saving things the way I should be and I have a feeling everything is gonna crash someday soon!

  4. D00D! THIS IS SO AWESOME! I can't wait to see yo MOVIE! It'S Gonna be the best High School Musical yet! LOl Jk but yeh I'm excited as can be! Rooting for YA!

    Oh and I saw that twitter thing of yours about the creature sculpture thing that your trying to get at that airport! Good luck! I'd like to see it if it happens!

    Stay Strange maN

  5. Thanks Yall... just finished the first days work ^ ^

    @Maria Hey that was fun at that elementary school eh? ^ ^ There's lots of free basic Adobe tutorials at if you search around there... but I'm sure your saving things fine ^ ^

  6. Hi MDot! Good luck with your journey.

    I hope you do well, can't wait for this release.

    I'll be daily checking back your progress as always.

    Have fun!

  7. Go for it d00d! I's rooting for ya!


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