Notes of the ODD

After the 24th revision of the HSM script... it has some weird parallels with WATS, subtextually of course ^ ^ AS I would never give you the same thang twice... BUT one of the characters from WATS plays a different character in HSM... well actually two ^ ^

Which two characters do you think are in HSM?

Rain? Ori? Blue? Him? Emmm?

I must say... archetypes are archetypes... and there are certain ones I like to use...this is relevant to my interests(from wikipedia)

Jung outlined five main archetypes;

The Self, the regulating center of the psyche and facilitator of individuation

The Shadow, the opposite of the ego image, often containing qualities that the ego does not identify with but possesses nonetheless

The Anima, the feminine image in a man's psyche; or:

The Animus, the masculine image in a woman's psyche

The Persona, how we present to the world, usually protects the Ego from negative images (acts like a mask)

I wrote a little about how I was tying abstraction layer theory from computing to my filmmaking process on this blog in the past... while there is a layer that is very Jungian I must say... my good friend, one of the 4 people I talk to in real in a PhD program for Psych... she's taught me a lot of psychology and I study it on my own as well... I work a lot of it into the things I make... If people think that WATS was JUST about some doll trying to get ice cream... haha... they are missing quite a LOT ^ ^

BUT you can't expect everyone to understand all the layers at once... so you need to make it interesting on every layer... at every level... that is my goal... it will be exciting and interesting on a purely visceral level and you can keep digging deeper and at every level it will be stimulating... this be my goal...

Tonight I did run cycles and dynamic fx practice... production starts in one week.


  1. I'm gonna take a guess and say the 2 people from WATS in HSM are gonna be Emmm and Blue..
    24 revision! Wow! and production starts in a week! AWESOME! XD

  2. I'm gonna say... Rain and Emm. Except emm's forehead letter is rotated 90 degrees so he's actually "Sigma"

    plus with glowing purple eyes

  3. Soon to be published manuscript by Jung looks insane. Chronicles his nervous breakdown and psychedelic odyssey. Should be a film by Alexandro Jodorowsky.


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