oh SHET teh power of trillions?!?!?

So today Maxon released Cinema 4d 11.5.... now there's a bunch of AWESOME features but a few in general are just over like 9000 to the power of 9000 and sheT!

Render Instances: So in short and suite... render more objects and particles than ever before while using minimal ram... I set up a scene with 2,500 animated characters which was over 1.1 BILLION polygons... it took 15 minutes to render and only used 3.2gb of ram 0_0

Some other users have rendered scenes with over one TRILLION polygons as well 0_0

Modynamics: Now the super powerful Mograph module has its own really powerful and flexible dynamics system built in... I've done a bunch of tests with this today and its great for all kinds of things... AND you get great feedback in realtime in the viewport as you experiment

Multithreaded SPD and Shadow maps: Now just a few posts ago I wrote about how I was moving away from using SPD because it was a single threaded process.... well now its multithreaded and FAST AS FUK! I did some tests and its about 10x faster than before... now its totally practical to use for animation...

New Pictureviewer: THis thing is GREAT! Now it can store all your renders, play back animations from ram... display and manipulate all your passes even CC them! Maxon even got QT to work on Windows 64 bit?! WIN!

I read that the viewport speed has been increased AND animaton playback has been optimized as well... all great for someone that does what I do!

Check out this awesome animation done by some 11.5 beta testers

First Zbrush 3.5 and now Cinema 4d 11.5... more POWER more speed and flexibility...more freedom to create... IF you havent realized that were living in a golden age of computer animation yall better get with it already because its here... BUT of course people will always find things to complain about and make excuses... let them be..I'll take my billions of polygons and be on my way ^ ^


  1. Wow.... the quality of that animation is amazing. Have fun with the new toys...


    I remember when I didn't know like half of what you were talking about last year with 3d stuff..and now I know enough to where my mouth is watering after hearing about cinimas 4ds update..GOTS TO GET IT D:!

    Go go gadget insta-money? guess I got to go go get a job lol

  3. Amazing demo video. I was fortunate to attend the Maxon luncheon at Siggraph and the stuff they showed was amazing. So glad you are able to use the new developments so well in your new film. Hope to work with the program myself at some point in the future.

    Very cool.

  4. OHWOW!!..

    That's insane! Hehe
    I'm real excited to see what Heart String Marionette will be like! It may not look as "real" as in this demo, I don't know, but doubt it will be mind-blowing in its own right!
    HSM FTW!!!..

  5. Yarr damn your trillions of polly's!
    hehe yes the suit is getting a very nice power up.
    But unfortunately Poor Icelandic butchers have to make do with pirated 11.027 :P

  6. This might be useful to you


    you can retopolgize! your meshes, maybe good for animation rigs.


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