Passes..layers... revisions...

I finished test rendering all the sets... and I finished testing all the chaRacters by animating them doing the thang they gotta do most in the movie... most everything worked ok... had to redesign some things simply because after looking at them with fresh eyes I thought they sucked so I redesign them OR the designs weren't functional so I redesigned thems as well... Didn't have to redesign too much...

Only minor probs with the renders of the sets... a flickering texture I had to change from Alias to MIP... and some shadow map and AA issues that cranking them up a little fixes... but yeh I was actually surprised there wasn't anything too major...

For WATS I didn't test anything haha... just got to animating shots and going OH shit this doesn't work PANIC PANIC PANIC ^ ^ So what you will see with HSM is M dot Strange refined... every aspect of the film is mega refined... from the script to the characters to the setS to the character animation... and it all has to do with passes, layers and revisions... experience bring you patience and knowing to get great stuff you can't do it all at once... you have to do it in layers...

So this coming week... I will animating the characters some more to create motion clips to use in the film... think of these as hand made motion capture clips... so I'm going to hand animate a bunch of motions for each character to build a small library of motions so when I'm in production I can grad the needed animations and apply them to the characters BUT don't worry NOTHING will be canned looking ^ ^ I'm tricky enough now to know how to add variation to each clip so that no two will be the same... has to do with layering procedural animation on top of the clips and switching various hierarchies off and adding hand animated stuff on top of the clips... AND I will share ALL MY NEW HYPER TECHNIQUES with YOU when HSM is released ^ ^ You should be excited because I've learned some really great techniques...

Also if it was to be rated... HSM would definitely be Rated R... might be NC-17 for insanity and disturbing imagery... but there is going to be nudity and graphic violence AND there's a lot of FUCKING bad language...Just like my real life!!!! 0_0 So I must apologize to those of you who like my stuff for its light hearted "ice creamy" themes... HSM will not be this way... its my darkness... The forthcoming further adventures of Rain and Ori will be lighter though... so don't worry if HSM comes out and you think I've become the devil.....because nothing has changed... I've always been the devil ^ ^

Just thought I'd let yall know ahead of time.


  1. Bad language? Fuck yes! No wonder you are so excited about HSM. This is great. Learning from past mistakes is what helps us improve. Love the idea of layered animations. Hope to have C4D up and running by the time you let loose with your Hyper Techniques. Very cool.

  2. You know m dot i've always wondered how did you acquire the funds for everything you didn until now (i know you made some moeny in the WATS store but i was wondering how you always kept getting enough money for food and all the other things for living)

  3. M dot strange is a robot. A robot from the future. That eats the souls of the innocent. For 1000 years :o onoes

  4. Wow i can't wait to inject this stuff into my mind. lol. But I was always wondering how WATS was pretty much "bad language" free if in alot of your music you curse like a sailor.

  5. The news of a higher rating is fine with me. Go crazy. Its just... its kind of going to be hard for me to share this movie with anyone who you know... is really afraid of that stuff. Like, I would share WATS with both my college buddehs and my little sister. But with HSM it sounds like its just going to be my college buddehs.

    Its not like that narrows your audience though, you might attract a ton of more ultra-violent junkies, y'know... but what am I talking about... who cares man. Do it awesome. AWESOME IT AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

    I have no worries. I trust U!


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