THIS is how you make an AWESOME movie ^ ^ Dororo

I don't know how I had not seen the film Dororo (2007) until now?!??! I just watched it and it was the BEST film I have seen in a LONG TIME... It was so great... had all the things I love in a film... so you should go watch it now!

I can see people saying some of the fx were low budget and cheesy but I dont give a fawK cause the story and everything else was pure WIN... I grew up watching Godzilla, Ultraman etc so I like the guy in a suit stuff...

The story and its nuances/themes and how it call came together was pure genius... clearly the work of a master and it its based on the Manga by Osamu Tezuka... I've read a lot of Tezuka's stuff and watched a lot of the Anime based on his works like Black Jack which is one of my fav's... yeh if you want to learn how to build suspense and tell great exciting, heart wrenching stories study his stuff as he was a master....

Apparently they are now making Dororo 2 and 3... and looking at it as a "Japanese lord of the rings" trilogy ....The Lord of the rings films didn't really speak to me...I guess cause everything was so western, obvious and overdone...films like that make me angry and bore me......

I'm really looking forward to more Dororo films ^ ^


  1. Dororo is an amazing film. The story, the design, acting; it all comes together in such a great way that you just want to stand up and cheer! So glad you liked the film. Picked up the original manga and the story is there, but the style has some quirks that I think the movie fixes. At least that's my take.

    Man, I hope they do a second film. I'm there.

  2. Haha, I remember seeing this last year.

    I liked the film, though definitely not the best Osamu Tezuka adaption in my opinion. To me, it was mostly an entertaining though kind of silly (especially that a lot of the monsters just randomly blow up). My favorite Osamu movie however would go to "Metropolis" (2004).

    (Also, whoever compared this soon to be trilogy to Lord of the RIngs might as well have compared it to Star Wars. There all trilogies right? [sarcasm] )

  3. Lord of the Rings SUCKS. I've been meaning to watch it. I've had it on my Netflix Queue FOREVER now. This might have just made me bump it up to the #1 spot.

  4. Oh and Daniel, I think they were basically just trying to say it's epic.

  5. eh I liked the first lord of the rings movie but after that It all kinda dragged on. This movie looks good! I'm gonna have to watch it now.

  6. 20th Century Boys if you are going for that trilogy!

    Dororo is cool. I had to check it out since it was Osama Tezuka's work.

    Black Jack is my favorite. I downloaded some episodes on Itunes. Favorite is the one where the guy freaking lights up and to find a cure Jack opens him up with no anesthetic while he is having a heart attack.

    I loved all the Black Jack stuff.
    Loved Osama Tezuka.
    I hoped you checked out all the Phoneix and Budha's work.

    Check out
    20th Century Boys
    Big Man Japan
    The Host
    Save the Green Planet Earth
    Raging Phoenix
    Chinese Odyssey
    I'm a Cyborg but that's Okay
    Cyborg She

    Just a few I can think of that you might like. If you like the crazy stuff
    Robo Geisha
    Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl


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