We are the creators AND producers of the future.

As you know I don't want to have anything to do with the "Hollywood System" at all... well yeh I don't... but I'm writing this to warn of about a certain type of person... there are people in the "indie" film scene NOT because they are making films that don't fit in the Hollywood system i.e. something different... BUT because they don't even have what it takes to be in the "Hollywood System" i.e. desperate for ideas.... So these people will wear they plastic shiny badge of "indie" to get close to people like me or you... why do they want to get close to us? Well you probably guessed it... to glean some of our originality and creativity to use as they own... because we don't have money BUT we have ideas.....since they don't have any ideas they try to pluck them from you... Know any of those people? Maybe you can't spot them yet...

About 8 years ago when I was young and gullible... one of these people suckered me in and I told him all my ideas and he went and started a non profit based on my ideas... well actually he went one step further... back then I was making films in my community as "someguy"... this dirtbag took my films and said that he was "someguy" and that he made them blah blah and got funding to start this filmmaking center.... so yeh...

So pretty much all the Hollywood types have left me alone now... BUT I wanted to tell you a little story about something that happened recently so you can raise your red flags if you encounter such people...

"Indie" film producer contacts me says "I just love your stuff and what your doing and I just want to help out your cause by giving you a new Mac" I had lunch with this d00d a few years ago as he wanted me to direct some sci-fi script he wrote...... So then it becomes "Yeh I'm going to give you a Macpro just because I want to support your new film" So I'm like ok great... then something strange... he says "Can we videochat to go over the details?" I think that its kinda odd but I say ok....So I video chat with the guy... and he starts asking detailed questions about HSM... "So whats it about? What style is it going to be in? Whats the world like? Can I see the animatic?" Of course being a crafty bastard myself I don't give him any truthful answers ^ ^ THEN after trying to glean information from me he says "So before I give you the Macpro can you sign a contract?" ...Whoa whoa I say " I'm not signing any contract" then he goes on to say... "well and its an older MacPro"... ends up being the very first one which is only a dual 2.6ghz machine which isn't useful for rendering... So like he had some old mac lying around and tried to use it as a carrot to lock me into some contract and/or get information useful to him and his career.

Now I know that guy is probably reading this... he claimed he just wanted to help support me... like ALL OF YOU HAVE... but you all didn't ask me to sign contracts or pry into what I'm doing in HSM... because I think you all trust me? And REALLY just want me to make the best film I can for you... your not trying to steal anything from me or trick me... you don't have any other agenda's... So I think that you all are GREAT PRODUCERS ^ ^ So now that you know that guy is reading this... if you feel like it can you, MY PRODUCERS please tell this guy how to do his job ^ ^ Cause your a BILLION times better at producing meh thinks.

So yeh in this new wave of REAL INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING the traditional role of producer is DEAD... they are useless babbling desperate men with money signs in they eyeballs and no talent of they own to make shit happen in the world... filmmakers used to need them before BUT now if your savvy enough and not lazy you don't need these bastards....now in the film business this would be called "burning bridges" haha... but THATS A BRIDGE TO THE BUSINESS and you know my stance... FUCK THE BUSINESS... THIS IS ART AND I'LL FIGHT TILL THE DAY I DIE FOR IT!

So no more producer d00ds... your audience becomes your "producer"

So if your like the d00d I mentioned in this post... please don't waste your breath... stay away from me as I don't have the time to waste with people who aren't really down.... if you want to help me out with no strings attached c00.... if your just trying to glean shit from me stay the fuck away because I'm not that stable of an individual and I don't handle anger well...to put it lightly.... well yeh who cares... I should let you, my producers know.... I have violent fantasies all the time...they are very detailed and go on and on and I start breathing heavily and have to calm myself down BUT I don't act them out in real life I put them in the films.... for now haha... I mean its probably a good thing I make films because my other career choices were...serial killer and DEAD.

So thanks to you all my REAL Producers.... and because of you, I don't need "THEM"... so yeh I'm totally glad you all are really there for me ^ ^ I am doing my BEST right now to make something awesome for YOU!


  1. Dude some guy said...he was someguy? Did he get found out? WHo be this crook?

    Bah to ppl trying to get info through chats..In a world of idea stealing wanna be's you've got to be the L of the media world. They whisper about him but nobody knows what he's planning...well that one guy kinda did..and ..L's gone now because of it :(

    the moral of the story? It helps to be paranoid sometimes XD

  2. The correct terminology for the man you described is not "producer" but "fucking leech". I am glad you smelled the rat in the woodpile before he had a chance to bite you.

  3. Do crowfounding like us in El cosmonauta, creative commons films are the future.


  4. Hey,give his contacts to the public! We'll porn spam mail him! Anywayz,we are here for you! If you'll need any help,just tell us! You don't have to tell us about the movie itself,just incase you'll need anything!

    Gir 2.6

  5. I'm sure he was a conartist trying to get some extra cash.

    BTW, Did you read his script?

  6. D00d I would do as much as I possibly can to help you out, just let me know! If I can't do certain things, I wish I could.

    It's people like you who help me to realize the potential in me, and you 'give me' strength and faith. Those type of people are liars, a bunch of vipers. These are just traps from the system, but they can be evaded.

    I'm not gonna let anything stop me! Nothing can! Not these little parasites that want to hinder us back! PffT!!..

    I am hella mega excited!..

  7. It wasn't the same guy from france who emailed me claiming to be a big time film distributor with the super annoying obvious form letter email with my movie title in the largest < h1 > font he could get peppered thorough the whole email in an attempt to play to my vanity or something...

    So no worrys mdot, If I stole your ideas I'd have to make a whole film that wasn't my idea and plus I'm super busy promoting my own film and starting on the next one.

  8. crowfunding eh?


    just gotta train some crows to fly around stealing change...


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