Working out the buGS

So what I'm doing now.. is doing test animations of all the characters while practicing animating ya know and rendering out flythroughs of the sets... I'm looking for problems in the characters and the sets... Like I learned that c4d hair freaks out sometimes with moving I converted it the hair to polys...bug deD... then I learned that NO 32bit formats rendered out of c4d create a proper alpha channel when using volumetric or visible lights so BACK TO 16 bit TIFFS for me.... Exr seemed too good to be true as it was 32bit and half the size of 16 bit tiffs but yeh...I had to abandon it... ALSO had some gamma issues and undervoltage probs on one of the render slaves... fixed that up... oh yeh so my render slaves are all Q9300's but I OC'd them to 3.33ghz... they run c00 like that...

So yeh as I'm trying to be creative and have fun doing the first animations with the characters I have to squash bugs along the way and work around tech proBlems... BUT its looking pretty good ^ ^

Oh yeh I learned that Open GL performance heavily depends on CPU clockspeed... q9300 at 2.5ghz = 6000 Cinebench opengl score.... SAME Q9300 Oc'd to 3.33ghz = 7600 Cinebench OpengL score... So if I could have done it again I would have paid my friend 4th_Dimensional_Rob to build me a 4ghz water cooled i7 beast for maximum Open GL performance ^ ^ He got a 10,000 Cinebench OGL score on his craY_Z tweaked i7 rig...

But yeh... I hope to put most of these tech things behind me soon and just focus on storytelling, animating and acting.... and oh yeh the mega hellS_A awesome JP Anderdon of the totally pwning band Rabbit Junk has agreed to voice the main character in HSM... I seriously pumped my fists for like 15 minutes after I got his email haha...

AND Motion Clips are the best thing ever in C4d... I'm using them for everything... and also since you can define the hierarchy that the motion clip affects you can create motion clips for individual body parts etc... So you could have a run cycle clip and a upper body gun firing+recoil clip... you can combine them both = running + firing gun... Also the motion clip transitions rule...makes it REALLY easy to blend separate motions seamlessly...

Alright back to my machines.....


  1. OMG FUCK YES i love jp's work ^^
    instead of watching this on you tube like i planned on i am buying it from you the day it's available! ^^
    hell if you had a pre-order i'd do that ^^
    only thing is i have to wait for you to finish...hopefully you've beat dark shadow at Mario kart by now
    R, Strange

  2. Haha dude I pumped MY fist for 15 after I read ur tweet...xD

    Don't sweat the OpenGL scores all that much. I've found that the difference in numbers doesn't always equally translate into noticeable real world performance. Compound that with the fact that your current setup trounces your WATS setup exponentially, and I don't think you'll be missing much.

  3. Fantastic news about JP voicing main character. Had no idea Open GL was connected to CPU speed. Looks like I'll be overclocking my Q6600.

    You know, Reyori has a good idea; why not set up a pre-order when you are ready for it? I'd certainly buy one and I'll be there are a lot of folks who would do the same.

    Get those bugs and squash em!

  4. Keep it up, pal!

    By the way... while we're on the subject, if I can ask you a question...

    What is it like digging back into the 3D realm compared to WATS? Do you feel like you've mastered things a lot better or is it a whole different power level?

  5. Well I can't even really compare the 3d in WATS to the 3d in HSM... what I'm doing now is unlike anything anyone has seen from me before... so yeh its like a whole other power level ^ ^ I've learned so much I'm able to focus on many more things to make it look and act better... just comes from experience and constantly learning and trying to get better.


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