I was listening to this podcast in which this d00d was talking about the Australian film industry in the 1970's or the lack thereof ^ ^ So all these crazy hardcore filmmakers just went out and made crazy fucking films full of sex, violence, and car crashes... as that kind of subject matter was still "taboo" back then... Now if your an internet filmmaker like me who bows to, and answers to no one when it comes to subject matter why would you not go beyond the boundaries where most filmmakers stop?

I mean seriously you can do anything you want and no one can stop you.. you can put in online where people will be able to watch what is with the boundaries?

Today sex, violence and car crashes are pretty normal in film ACTUALLY if you've seen Cronenberg's "Crash" he mixed all three ^ ^ And now that Hollywood has a bankable genre like torture porn you can't really "shock" people anymore... I still think its funny that those films are marketed as "dangerous" and edgy and all that yet they were made by a big studio so in the end a boardroom of middle aged rich white men made all the decisions haha

I mean the same thing kinda happened here in the US in the 70's with midnight movies..with Lynch, Waters and Jodorowski... but like... WHERE ARE THE FILMMAKERS PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES NOW?!

Because most every unknown filmmaker like me that tells meh about his/her idea/film just generates a yawn out of me because it is so tame and safe... If you want to make normal shit why don't you go work in the business? They don't understand that when you make run of the mill films you are competing with run of the mill Hollywood films with 1000x the budget and you can't win... I mean I'm not like some genius for going... hey wait I can't compete with that I need to do something different... but why does no one else do this?!?!

So before you go ahead with your idea for your big film... really look at it and if its too similar to the mainstream fare... work your idea some more until its in its own class...

Early in the development phase of HSM... I had written a straight Samurai film... then I said... "wait, anyone could write and make this film... I need to make a film that ONLY I could make" So thats what I did..or I'm doing ^ ^

So that bring me to another thought... So if your an internet filmmaker you really are competing against ALL THE MEDIA on the internet not just films...everything... So your torture porn isn't going to be too edgy because with a few clicks I can watch real video of a real person being mutilated to death...

So what boundaries do you go beyond? I say structural ones... redefine what a "film" is WHILST still delivering all the dramatic goods of a film 100x better than normal films ^ ^


  1. Well, MDot, call me plain, or a simpleton, but I'm not big into the indy film-making scene too much. Thanks to you I'm getting a better insight though...

    I get what you're saying. Reminds me about what you said about Sundance where it's pretty much become a miniature hollywood. Where are the people doing the different and cool things?

    I just hope this doesn't mean you're making HSM into a porno. :D hahaha

  2. Will there be porn in HMS? :s

  3. Well since I'm following meh own philosophy on not doing things that are already done and available... and seeing that the internets is not lacking pr0n... there won't be any porn in HSM... BUT there will be ummm... "sexual situations" that I use as a horror device ^ ^ thats all I will say about that... and don't forget the tagline "You will die... inside"

  4. I am dying inside already - with anticipation!

  5. Buut isn´t that what videogames are for? Movies have gone to book and radio show levels, which isn´t really an insult. If you fancy collecting heads in jars. I do.

  6. Although I am waiting for your new movie like its summer rain in drought...or the next silent hill for that matter...WATS rocked, and I wish you the best with this one. Its gonna be awesome Im sure.

  7. Interesting... Above all, I think it's important to be inspired without being derivative, which is to say that as a filmmaker you should definitely have your own ideas and develop a deep mythology and foundation to the world you are portraying on the screen. This should define your film entirely, and drive the stylistic aspects such as art direction, animation techniques, character design. The characters and story should develop from this foundation, and feel as if they are anchored in your world. With filmmaking, and especially with animation, anything is possible, although you should stay within the bounds of the coherent whole of the world you have created. There's no reason not to create whole new realities to explore in your film.

  8. I don't know about any shoulds...or defining which side of the fence I'm on. I just like it cheesy! I can't help it, cheese is my muse.

    But then I am not an individual. Everyone is an individual, but I'm not an individual, therefore I'm different.


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