Mdot: 22 Computers: 0

So it seems as of right now I can only do 8 hours of straight animation work before I go braindead and start to lose focus and makes mistakes... that's when you know when to call it a day or night... So I've done 2 days work so far... animated 22 shots... but none of them are finished rendering yet 0_0 This set is kinda crazy though... I'm making the film in order so this first seem has to impress you all ^ ^

Mistake I made... I forgot that when doing multipass renders with NET you have to manually set the multipass save path after doing the "save project" command to the render server... had to fix that... also forgot to add a compositing tag on all the characters so they are not affected by Ambient Occlusion... AND I forgot to add IK/FK switches on some of the characters so I had to fix that too...

TO finish the film in one year I have to do 6 shots a day... every day... I'll have an idea how feasible this is by Dec 1st... First month of production is going to be the slowest as you iron out problems and smooth out the workflow.... second month should be up to yeh... I'm excited for this new challenge!!! Once I smooth out all the workflow bumps this is going to be really fun since I already took care of everything and all I have to do it worry about the animation...the funnest part ^ ^

Also I want to add a bar graph or something here that I will update every month with the number of shots know while showing the goal... So you can see where I am in production.


  1. I don't know if you have already done this or if it well help much but maybe to help you to remember stuff later you could make a small note or something and put it somewhere were your bound to run into it later and be reminded.

    Like when I have an idea before I go to bed I make a note and put it on my laptop since I know that's gonna be one of the first things I will go to in the morning..or the shower..maybe I should put the notes on the bathroom door? idk basically if you think it will be hard to remember then plan ahead so that you will be bound to be reminded in some way..Thought that might help anyway..

    2 days of production! Wait though if you have to do 6 shots a day and you did 22 in 2 days then does that mean your going overkill or am I missing something?


  2. Man, two days! Gonna be a grind at first (like the stop motion), but like Drainage said "stick a note where you'll find it" will probably help. Maybe a big list of the multipass/IL, etc and have it handy. So much to remember.

    Must be exciting, too, though. I love animating. You are such an animating beast, bro. And I love the idea of a graph. Perfect!


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