Mistakes make things great

The above photo I took while on a morning bike ride is full of photographic errors..mistakes... chromatic aberration, lens flares, lens glare, grain, circles of confusion...all kinds of crap ^ ^ but I love that stuff...

The thing that SUX about 3d is that the "camera" takes perfect photos every time... so unless you work to add in them errors your going to get perfect plastic pictures...which I don't like... NOW taking the "mistake" thing a ways past photography and into animation itself...Stop motion gives you TONS of mistakes for free haha... things are shaking, grimy, gritty...they can go out of focus easily...the light may flicker... you get all that with no work.... you have to work to make it clean...

Seeing that HSM is all 3d... I guess many would assume that my work will lose its creepy jittery edge or somethin... well it is a lot more refined but I did a TON of work so that it looks handmade...and not just in the construction but in how its animated... you'll see when you SEE it ^ ^


  1. You know I actually just thought that was a nice photo and didn't even notice errors until you pointed them out.

    Kinda like a while back I was making a video and I saved an unfinished version with crappy quality just so that I could see it all together (My view port in the editing software wasn't playing in real time) and then later when I finished the video with the uber hd quality and all that I looked at the two and strangely enough I liked the look of the lower quality one better. Almost gave a bit of a film like quality to it..Not amazing looking but just nicer to me. Sadly I was making this video with a group and they wanted it perfect looking so I was like oh wells :(

    But now I know! :D

  2. mdot: have you seen this technique: http://www.vimeo.com/5660045

  3. I love "imperfections".
    I look forward to seeing how you expressed these elements in HSM


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