Some times its a grind... it is animation which YES is fun and exciting but after a couple hundred shots you start to get fatigued and lose inspiration and its a struggle just to sit still in front of the computer... this is where all the planning and workflow projections come in handy... if you did your homework you know exactly how many shots you need to do a day to stay on schedule... my minimum is 7 shots a day... BUT I try to double that or do at least 10... but on those GRINDY days I barely make it to 7... and thats good enough....everyday you can't be a super speed world beater... some days you just gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done... The important thing is to NOT stop EVER do your quota even if your crying and bleeding from your FACE.... because all it takes is to give in to procrastination ONCE then it festers and takes over and before you know it..FAIL.

Some times I don't want to have to do everything but I just moan and do everything anyway ^ ^

Its weird how the powers of procrastination work....they are indeed powerful... and if your a creative person doing self motivated personal projects they BE your worst enemy...

NOW saying that.... make sure and come up with a quota that while bustin out shots you still have enough time to refine them and make them good quality... So say I've gone over my quota for the day but I sense myself becoming frustrated, losing focus or wanting to take shortcuts...thats when you call it a day... and as long as you hit your quota you can sleep well that night.


  1. Procrastination is a dear foe. I call for a face punching of procrastination NAO!

    Wait though if your taking the time to read this then you'd better have your quota out of the way! If not then like gir said: GET BACK TO WORK!haha

  2. hey there, 1st time posting. Thanks for all this. You are truly inspiring!


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