Production notes 10-21-09

Notes on workflow etc..

Copy exr renders from render server folder onto workstation media drive... copy project file from render into archive on render server... import exr sequences from renders into After Effects... organize and rename each shot... save AE project file as Sequence name... render out temp quicktime movies to do offline edit and to give composer/sound designer something to work off of... as I go through the files in After Effects I made notes of problems with shots... I have a folder in the AE project that holds the notes... just folders using the description text to keep notes.... So when the whole film is animated and I reopen these AE projects to do the final comps I will fix/re-render the shots that have notes... I'm not doing that now because I want to move forward... seems like a better way to work for me...

Just finished editing the first sequence...which is a little over 6 minutes... looks good... on one shot the alpha channel was missing for one frame?! and on several others I forgot to turn on transparency render in the z-blur setting... just minor technical stuff... no problems with the animation at all ^ ^

So I hand off this sequence to the composer, Endika... tomorrow so he can get started...


  1. It must feel really good to finally start putting all the pieces together. (keyword: start)
    I think your composer and voice of the main character are going to make this movie that much better.

  2. 6 minutes already?! Dang that's awesome! And with Endika composing the music! This sounds like it's gonna be Win!

  3. unrelated:

    (but funny... ;)

  4. Sorry to not be on topic, but since this is the only way to really get a hold of you, what do you think about that Sandra Bullock movie, The Blind Side?


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